Which Desktop to buy for under £400

  yanbart 13:15 30 Dec 2011

Hi, I have had a HP Pavilion for 4 years now which has served me well. But the 150GB HD is almost full and I am looking for something a little quicker too! I take a lot of photos and videos and burn a lot of DVDs from Windows movie maker and convert to ISO files. I also use my panasonic software to burn videos from my camera quite a lot too. I don't do any gaming. I would however like to start using Nero Premium. I have looked at several pc's between £300-£400 which seem highly advanced compared to my current one, ones with 4GB Ram and 1TB HD and this spec appeals to me. The only thing I am not sure about is which processor would be best for what I need...and which make pc would be best for the price. I have seen dual core processors G530/G620/E-300 and i3 and i5. I have no idea whatsoever what the difference is and which one would suit my needs the most! So far I have contemplated an Advent 1404 for £329, a Lenovo H330 for £399, an Acer X3990 also for £399 and another HP Pavilion P6-2010 or P6-2026. I have also looked at Zoostorm pc's on Ebuyer which range from £360-£399 and although I have never heard of this make, the one for £399 has 8GB of Ram which I thought was very good, although I am not sure if I need so much with what I want to do! Any help/advice/assistance would be most appreciated as I am extremely confused but don't want to miss out on the Sales!! Thank you very much, yan

  hastelloy 13:58 30 Dec 2011

I always use Novatech. If you're video editing I'd go for at least an i5 processor with at least 4 GB RAM. I have a 250 Gig C: drive which is adequate for OS and software. I keep all data on other drives - I have 3 x 500 Gig HDDs internally and 5 externals for backups. It's belt and braces but I never have less than 2 copies of any photos or video.

  yanbart 18:27 30 Dec 2011

Hi Marvin42, thank you for your response. I think from what you are saying, it is more important for me to buy a pc with a good processor and that the HD storage is not 'that' important, as I should be duplicating everything onto external hard drives anyway...which is a good point. I will have a look at the Novatechs. Not heard about them before (but that doesn't mean anything!). Interesting what you said about having multiple internal hard drives too, not sure how that works to be honest. Is it better to have more than 1??? When I was in pc world one of the chaps told me that I would only need an i3 processor for 'home use'...that i5's and i7's are suitable for gaming/business? Thank you for your time, I am very grateful.

  ICF 20:20 30 Dec 2011
  yanbart 00:18 31 Dec 2011

ICF thank you for the link but all these pc's are £499...do you have a similar link for pc's under £400 please? Thank you

  ICF 08:33 31 Dec 2011

All the pc you have listed don't come with a monitor.

  ICF 08:37 31 Dec 2011

Due to the flood in Thailand most custom built pc have gone up an price.This is because hard drive prices have gone through the roof.The top PC in my link has now gone up to £559.99 Chillblast-Fusion-Neutron

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