Which CPU?????

  mattbell1975 22:35 06 Jan 2003
  mattbell1975 22:35 06 Jan 2003

i have a amd m/b and was wondering which cpu to buy (as i frazzled my last one) which is better amd 1700+ 1800+ or the 2000+ any help would be greatfully accepted

  jediknight007 22:42 06 Jan 2003

Well, it's obvious that the higher, the better. But does the price also mean anything to you as well? You should be able to get the XP 2000+ for under £100. It depends on what is the highest CPU your motherboard can support.

  mattbell1975 22:42 06 Jan 2003


  DieSse 22:43 06 Jan 2003

What do you mean, which is better? They're all the same apart from speed.

  mattbell1975 22:43 06 Jan 2003

m/b can support upto 2600+ the question i want to know is there any problems with the stability of any of these chips????? i can afford all 3

  mattbell1975 22:45 06 Jan 2003

so there is no stability probs known to anyone????

  DieSse 22:54 06 Jan 2003

"i can afford all 3"

No just the one is sufficient


  Phil930 22:55 06 Jan 2003

no stability problems, AMD have always been considered to represent the best price to performance ratio.

i have used AMD processors for years and never had any problems.

but why buy yesterdays technology?? sure you can get the XP 2000 cheap, but why not get the XP2200 or even better the XP2400 which has a different architecture all together. not sure what that means, but its fast!!!!

you can get the XP2200 for £100 now, so shop around.

  jediknight007 23:00 06 Jan 2003

Not trying to sound inpolite but are you in a rush? You seem to be asking for help if you have no answer in a few minutes. Just get the highest that you can afford. However, I would prefer not buying the highest I can afford and use the money I saved on other things like RAM or a graphics card so that I can balance out my PC. Not worth getting like the 2800+ if you only have a GeForce 4 MX with 256MB DDR PC2100 RAM. There's always bound to be a higher processor out soon anyways.

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