Which contributes more to gaming, CPU and GPU?

  keatzz11 11:10 04 Nov 2014

I have an MSI GTX 7GO OC Hawk Edition with 4GB of DDR3 RAM along with a 3.2 GHz processor and I dont get the performance I should be getting for my GPU. Is the CPU and Motherboard very much needed for the performance of your gaming? (Along with the GPU of course)

  keatzz11 11:11 04 Nov 2014


  martd7 12:53 04 Nov 2014

Thats a good graphics card,which cpu do you have? Which operating system? The ram is quite low at 4gb

  Ian in Northampton 13:20 04 Nov 2014

The graphics card relies on the CPU to be able to feed it information to process, and then to receive that processed information back. As such, it's possible for the CPU to be the bottleneck in a gaming system. It seems to me that a graphics card like yours needs a 4-core processor or better. If your processor only has a single core, it probably isn't getting data to/from the graphics card as fast as the graphics card would like it to.

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