Which configuration of drives would be the best?

  erkmatrix 23:31 15 Jan 2009

Which would work best please.

Setup 1

500gb internal (original sata drive) with windows xp home on

additional VelociRaptor 300 GB drive with Windows XP x64 and partitioned 40gb for photoshop sratch disk


Setup 2

500gb internal (original sata drive) with windows xp home on and partitioned to have windows xp x64 bit

additional VelociRaptor 300 GB drive with just for Photoshop scratch disk

Basicvally I'm undecided on the best fastest way to get photoshop to work at the fastest possible with either setup. Can anyone suggest which would work best or offer another way that they would do it.


  DieSse 01:06 16 Jan 2009

I'm really not sure why you want to have (or pay for) two different versions of XP on the same system?

  erkmatrix 08:45 16 Jan 2009

basically cause my computer with just xp home could only use 3 GB of memory and I had 4GB and wanted x64 bit to see what it was like, heard bad things about Vista x64 so I went for XP x64.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:23 16 Jan 2009

To me neither setup makes sense.

Use the faster Velociraptor as your main system drive, partitioned to accommodate both versions of Windows you are using. then use the other drive for additional storage. this will yield a faster system.

  erkmatrix 09:35 16 Jan 2009

right, so I want to first install the Velociraptor partition it into 2 150GB spaces. Install my original XP home on the first one and then the X64 XP.

How would I then format my main drive and tell my pc to now boot from the velociraptor drive.

Also another thing with that way would be on Adobe website it says that the scratch disk wants to be on the fastest drive available and not the one with your OS on.

Got me so confused what would work best.

  erkmatrix 14:43 16 Jan 2009

Should I maybe consider a Raid 0 configuration for the Velociraptor drive. Are they easy to set up.

  AndySD 15:02 16 Jan 2009

Operating systems on the Velociraptor drive

Then partition your 500gb drive first partition up to 100gb as scratch disk, the rest I would use for storage.

You can delete the origonal partition on the 500gb drive whilst loading Windows this will mean you will not need to tell the pc what to boot from. Remember you will loose all data on that drive so make sure everything is backed up first.

  erkmatrix 17:07 16 Jan 2009


Right I'll do that I think then, I'm not great wuith computers though, lots confuses me with them, so how would I exactly go about deleteing the original partition on my main drive as it is now with my current OS on whilst loading windows on my ne drive, not entirely sure how this would be done.

Thanks in advance

  hastelloy 20:15 16 Jan 2009

I would:

1. Install your new drive and use disc management to partition it into 2x150 GB partitions = D and E

2. Copy all data (NOT programs) from C to E. Then delete it from C. (You could move it but copying is safer as you still have the original if things go pear-shaped).

3. Use Acronis True Image or similar to CLONE (not copy) C drive D drive.

4. Physically switch the drives in your PC and check that it boots up OK from C (which used to be D).

5. Format E (which used to be C).

6. Copy data from D to E and delete from D.

7. Install new OS on D.

I hope that makes sense!!

You will have to reinstall all programs that you want to use with the new OS onto D otherwise the new OS won't be able to find them.

Others may have a different (better) way of doing it, but, as I said, this is how I would do it.

  hastelloy 20:28 16 Jan 2009

3. should say C drive to D drive.

Also, if you want to partition your old drive do it between steps 5 an 6.

  erkmatrix 20:53 16 Jan 2009

wow thanks all those letters, gets rather confusing doesn't it. Right so before I try this I'll need Acronis True Image or similar. I'm not bothered though about losing anything on my current C drive as all is backed up on a external drive anyway so would that mean theres no point in making a clone copy.

Still quite unsure I'll be able to do this as it sounds rather complicated and I know computers are temperamental things. I really appreciate the help though.

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