which computer to buy(mesh or evesham)

  habs 19:27 29 Feb 2004

Hi everybody

I would like to buy computer but i am stuck between MESH and EVESHAM.

I like computer from Mesh pentium4,3.4 GHZ, HT,called (eliteM800) i found it in PCADViSOR magazine this month,issue 105, page 38 on Mesh section.

or Evesham (evolution 2800HT)on page 64.

Or Dell 8300 computer.

The evesham computer is much expensive than Mesh.

Can anybody help me about which computer to choose.

Which technical support are Mesh or Evesham.

Which computer better?

please give me your opinion from your knowledge.

Thank you for your help.

  johnem 20:40 29 Feb 2004

Habs, respectfully suggest that you have a look in the "ConsumerWatch Forum".
There are usually some very informed comments about these two particular brands.
I am slightly biased as I am on my second Evesham machine.
Hope you are able to find the answer you are looking for.

  romanab 20:43 29 Feb 2004

I have never dealt with Evesham but,for what it's worth,I bought a Mesh system some 3 months ago and it has been almost faultless.When there has been a problem tech support has been very good(phone,as opposed to online which was not so good)This might also helpclick here

  HXP 21:26 29 Feb 2004


My Mesh machine is due to turn up 02/03/04
3.2 AMD 64 - nvidia 5950 - 1 gb Ram - 160 gb HDD dvd writer .....

I will let you know if it works out of the box.


  habs 22:57 29 Feb 2004

Hi everybody

I would like to thank you for your help.

HXP i hope you will like your computer,and good luck.

Romanab, I have heard Evesham is a lot expensive than mesh, but i think mesh is better, and again i have hear about mesh online technical is not that good as telephone.

Again thank you so much

  bananaslik 08:51 01 Mar 2004

hi habs,the best way to get trouble free,lifetime onsite warrenty & not spend half your life on the phone is to build it yourself.try getting a price for your spec of pc from your local computer shop they will appreciate the business more than the big boys & you won't spend hours on the phone if it goes wrong.

  expertec 09:01 01 Mar 2004

I don't know about MESH, but I would reccommend Evesham to anybody, my Evesham PC arrived on time, worked straight out of the box, no problems :-)

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 11:43 01 Mar 2004

Evesham are too expensive!!! they charge an extra couple of hundred quid more than everyone else but use the same components.

I have had my mesh computer a few weeks now...i have had a few teething problems with the PC but they are being sorted out as, such as the rear-right output not working on my creative t7700 speakers.

This is obviously not Mesh's fault as it came straight out of the box.

I would recommend them for their good prices and good service too.



  tel2 12:10 01 Mar 2004

Mesh on site warranty? don't believe it. Good product backed up by dreadful service

  deadneat 12:23 01 Mar 2004

I hear Mesh have a very quick response on this site ;-)

  fuzzyone 12:33 01 Mar 2004

habs have a look here. The thread is still running.

click here

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