Which Computer is best out of these 2?

  paulwillis057 09:31 07 Nov 2012


I want to buy a cheap refurbished desktop, but want to know which would be best out of these two?



I would like it to be a powerful/quick as possible, so not sure which would be best?

Thank you for your help.

  Woolwell 10:56 07 Nov 2012

Personally I would not buy either. They seem to be ex-office/server computers. I cannot find where it states refurbished. They may well have been extensively used and now coming to the end of their lives.

  paulwillis057 11:28 07 Nov 2012

I am sure they are old work computers, but which has a better spec, only for a short term fix?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:30 07 Nov 2012

What do you want to use it for? That will decide what you actually need.

  Woolwell 11:38 07 Nov 2012

The second one has a better processor but I see that it does not come with a Vista disc and there isn't any mention of recovery options. It has a smaller hard disc. The first one has a low feedback and the majority are for buyers. no feedback that I can find for selling these pc's.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:40 07 Nov 2012

The HP is faster has bigger drive and more RAM.

Have a word in your local computer shop or a computer fair is a good place to buy refurbished machines (probably with a 3-12 month guarantee).

Or just ask around, surprising how many people will have an old PC in the attic you could borrow for awhile.

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