Which complete back up software ?

  curlylad 22:15 08 Feb 2005

All I need is the cheapest easiest to use back up software program.I need one that does a complete back up of my entire system onto removable CD OR DVD.I have looked at Ghost and to me it just looks far too many 'ribbons and bows and fiddly bits' the program I am after MUST have the emphasis on ease of use , so can I have your ideas please !

Thanks as ever in advance.

  stalion 22:17 08 Feb 2005

many members on here use this but also wait for other suggestions click here

  Clint2 00:33 09 Feb 2005
  drew645 08:55 09 Feb 2005

I have used both Norton Ghost and True Image and there are both good. True Image has less of a learning curve.
I have never had a bad backup with either but I suggest you do a complete backup regularly and always keep your last two in case the most recent lets you down.
Incidentally to save cost of disks and convienience I use an external hard disk for backups.If however the disk ever fails I'm knackered!

  Icky 09:52 09 Feb 2005

I use Acronis True Image and it's worked fine.

  rawprawn 09:55 09 Feb 2005

Acronis True Imahas been good for me

  rawprawn 09:56 09 Feb 2005

Please read Acronis True Image

  pj123 10:50 09 Feb 2005

If you have Nero 6.6 it has a module "Back It Up"

It will back up whole drives to multiple DVDs.

Simple to use, just follow the prompts.

Have just used it myself.

  Wak 11:05 09 Feb 2005

I use a separate D:\ hard drive and the FREE program XXCOPY (for Win 98SE) from click here.
It's quick and easy and makes a complete clone of your entire C:\ drive including the Registry, System Files, Programs and data files.
In case of problems you simply clone the D:\ drive back on to the C:\ drive.
For Win 98 or ME use XXCOPY and for Win XP use XXCLONE.
I've backed up like this for almost three years now and there's no extra cost apart from the initial cost of the new Hard Drive.

  pj123 14:10 09 Feb 2005

Yes, I do the same as Wak, I have an 80gb hard drive which I back up to using xxcopy (win 98SE).

But because I have just updated to Nero 6.6 and found this BackIt Up module I thought I would give it a try.

My only concern with Nero Back It Up is, if my C: drive does pack up how do I get the DVDs to do a restore?

Using xxcopy on a separate hard drive is easy as Wak says and an 80gb hard drive is about £40 these days.

  stylehurst 14:50 09 Feb 2005

I have tried both Retrospect, Ghost & True Image, for me True Image is by far the best

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