Which Chip for me (3500 or 3700?)

  twicetwit 10:16 01 Jan 2005

Hello. Which would be the best chip for me; the AMD athlon 64 3500 or the AMD Athlon 3700?

My interests are running old arcade emulators which require raw speed (memory isn't a requirement for these old games), but also I have a growing interest in using the computer to make mini-movies (uploaded footage from a digital video cam-corda) and then editing it into little films.

Now my understanding is the term 'Video Editing' refers to making films, and that it requires a large memory capacity and/or large memory bandwidth which the 3500 offers with duel memory control? is that right? Or could a 3700 cope quite well with 'video editing', what would the difference be?

Any advice here?

  bremner 11:40 01 Jan 2005

The 3700+ is £120.00 more click here and is a 754pin processor. As I understand it this is the final processor in this line.

The 3500+ is 939 pin click here and will continue to be available in faster speeds.

I do not think the 3700+ offers the VFM that the other does and would doubt that you would notice the difference in performance.

  LinuxPenguin 17:12 01 Jan 2005

get the 64 bit one.

  bremner 18:13 01 Jan 2005

They are both 64 bit

  Rayuk 18:33 01 Jan 2005

Am an AMD man myself but isnt video encoding better done by a P4 not sure on the arcade emulators,would check on that first.

If you do go Athlon64 route for future upgrade path I would suggest the Athlon64 Winchester 939socket route.

  LinuxPenguin 18:54 01 Jan 2005

the 939 pin

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