Which CD/DVD burner?

  snowy30 02:40 12 Dec 2005

Hi everyone

Can anyone recommend a good CD/DVD burner?

Will I be better off with a free downloadable version, or buy one from a shop?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:37 12 Dec 2005

I take it you mean software? If so, Nero is my favourite but I use DeepBurner at times too.

Try to get Nero 7 - it's good value and if you buy it with a hardware device, very cheap.

  SG Atlantis® 07:39 12 Dec 2005

I have been using nero six reloaded for more than a year. It's great.

  rmcqua 09:34 12 Dec 2005

I agree with Nero 6 or higher. Great functionality and easy to use.

  pj123 11:35 12 Dec 2005

I am using Nero 6 bought from:

click here
(scroll down)

I have two copies of Suite 3 for 2 of my computers £6.87 plus postage each.

Although it says: "OEM software such as this is for sale only to system builders or can be sold in conjunction with associated hardware. (CD/DVD writer or hard drive)" I have never bought anything else with it.

Give them a try.

Once installed you can update it to the latest version from:

click here

  snowy30 17:40 12 Dec 2005

I had use Nero before, though when I had to install windows XP and reformatted the hard drive I lost it completely. And I cant reinstall Nero as it was already on the computer when I bought it 2nd hand, and no discs for it came with it.

  snowy30 17:49 12 Dec 2005

And I did back it up onto a blank disc, though cant reinstall without a serial number

  stalion 17:53 12 Dec 2005

just purhased a Emprex cd/dvd writer from pc world £40 does automatic firmware upgrades

  pj123 18:00 12 Dec 2005

OK I have just looked up my Invoice for the last copy of Nero 6 Suite 3 I bought from SVP (18th November 2005) and the total was £8.23 that includes VAT and Postage.

Not a lot to ask for a reasonably up to date version of one of the best CD/DVD burning programs on the market. It comes with a serial number and can be updated to the latest version for free.

  pj123 18:08 12 Dec 2005

stalion, just read your post re. Emprex cd/dvd.

Checked it out here, click here

looks good. Did it come with any burning software?

  stalion 20:00 12 Dec 2005

yes it comes with pinnacle instant cd/dvd though not the full version and power dvd 5

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