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Which card do I need?

  Tycho 17:38 26 Jan 2009

I am a complete wireless novice so please be gentle with me!

My Tiscali BB package came with a Thompson TG585 v7 wireless modem which I have successfully linked to this laptop. I have been given a desktop which has no wireless card. What sort should I get? When I have got it and fitted it to the desktop, how do I set up the wireless connection?

I am sure that there must be a web site for all this but as yet I haven't found it.



  mgmcc 20:09 26 Jan 2009

Personally, I would get one of these click here= I have one which has worked faultlessly with Windows 98SE, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista, Mac OSX and Linux. However, when installing in Windows, I would strongly recommend installing it with "drivers only", not the Belkin wireless networking software, and use Windows' Wireless Zero Configuration (XP) or WLAN AutoConfig (Vista) to manage the wireless networking.

Once installed, you will have a "Wireless Network Connection" in the Network Connections folder. Assuming you're using XP, right click it and select "View Available Wireless Networks", highlight the one with the SSID (network name) that matches your router and select the option to "Connect". You'll be prompted to enter any WEP/WPA key if you have encryption set up in the router and should then be connected to the router and online.

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