Which cable to link PC with VHS cassette player?

  Emsie 12:32 12 Sep 2006

We want to link our VHS cassette player to our new PC, in order to transfer home movies onto the PC for editing. Please can anyone tell us which cable we need for this?
(The VHS recorder/player is a Panasonic. The PC is a new Evesham Axis Media Center one, with 256MB DDR NVIDIA 7900GT PCI-Express Graphics with TV-out and DVI.)
Also, any recommendations for a good editing program would be welcome. Thank you!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:06 12 Sep 2006

Two ways if fitted:

RF aerial out of VCRplayer to aerial input of TV card, then tune the TV card to pick up the videoplayer channel.

or if you have ports on your PC marked Aux IN L R these will be sound and composite IN for video, white red and yellow. These can then be connected to a scart connection on the rear of the VCR.

  Emsie 17:53 13 Sep 2006

Thanks very much for these suggestions, Fruit Bat. We'll try the first option. Not sure if we have the Aux IN L R ports, etc; sounds a bit complicated for us! But will try the aerial at the w/end and then report back. Thanks again.

  eedcam 18:26 13 Sep 2006

A good editing prog you can download trials of most. Ulead movie factory is popular as is adobe premiere elements As for getting it into the pc if you can only do it via Rf dont expect very good quality also if your tapes are stereo you wont get stereo via the RF.

  Emsie 09:34 14 Sep 2006

Thanks, eedcam. Will investigate Ulead and Adobe. Comments re Rf noted.
Also, a friend says he can copy the VHS cassette onto DVD for us; he's sure we'll be able to play it on the pc but doesn't know if we'd be able to edit it because the format may be unacceptable. Comments welcome!

  Graham. 10:03 14 Sep 2006

The easiest and best way is to use a DVD recorder, as used with a TV. Unless it has a hard drive, I recommend using rewritable discs until you get the hang of it.

The recording is in real time, but is editable.

  Emsie 16:49 17 Sep 2006

Have tried the RF aerial link, but just couldn't get the connection recognised, whatever we tried. So our friend has copied the VHS tape onto DVD. We can now watch the footage on the computer, but we cannot edit it in Windows Movie Maker because it refuses to capture that format. When we go into Properties, it doesn't say what format the DVD is, eg mpeg, so we don't quite know how to proceed. Would Ulead or Adobe manage a DVD? Any thoughts? Many thanks.

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