Which browser ?

  [DELETED] 12:38 19 Oct 2003

I know that probably everyone has a favourite browser, but is it possible to outline the main advantages of some of the most popular ones, e.g Mozilla, Opera and Avant for example.


  [DELETED] 12:41 19 Oct 2003

My sincere apologies for the duplication, I obviously only meant to send once, but I had a faulty connection to my ISP.

  LastChip 13:02 19 Oct 2003

Opera is similar and based on Mozilla. Having changed to it over the past two weeks, I have really grown to like it.

The main advantages as far as I am concerned, is the ability to customize it's presentation, and the ability to block pop-ups, which to me, are a constant source of annoyance. If your into differnt skins or colours, there are a wealth of addon's avilable. Multi-pages are available within the same Window, so the overhead of running multi-screens is greatly reduced. These are selected in tab format, similar to the tabs on a spreadsheet for example.

It will run happily side by side with IE, so you can install it, try it, and if it's not your taste, uninstall it, without upsetting your IE installation.

  LastChip 13:04 19 Oct 2003

If you tick the other posts, hopefully, nobody will pick up on them.

  [DELETED] 13:10 19 Oct 2003

I like the tabs you can have with Opera. Have to say though that am using IE6 more and more since I installed the Google toolbar - this stops pop-ups in IE6, one of the main advantages with Opera.

On a broadband connections they both seem similar speedwise, when I had a dial up , Opera seemed quicker.

Best to try out both.

  [DELETED] 13:35 19 Oct 2003

I quite like a lot of the features of some alternative browsers (especially tabs, search and favourites management) but until they all step into line and render pages with complex tables, JavaScript and CSS underlying code I certainly shan't dream of using another browser by default.

I'm currently playing with Mozilla Firebird and I have to say it has some very nice features. It deals with JavaScript and CSS much better than Opera but as soon as you really challenge it, like most other alternatives to IE, it starts to show its weaknesses.

I visited the website of a well known PC/component seller this morning using Firebird and it simply could not cope with the complex JavaScript menu used on the site. This obviously means that the site is not navigable using Firefbird while IE breezes through without batting an eye.

There's a lot of good reasons why IE is king of the browsers in terms of its number of users and the fact that it ships with Windows is only half the argument.

I have tested just about every browser for Windows whenever a new version is released and I've still yet to find something to make me seriously consider moving away from IE. It doesn't do everything I'd like it to in the way I'd like, but it still remains the best browser software available by a very large margin.



  LastChip 13:55 19 Oct 2003

What I have found with Opera, is that it has opened everything that I have tried (so far!) without a hitch, EXCEPT the Microsoft site! The pages appear too large for the screen in Opera, so you end up scrolling to see the width.

This has included many graphics rich and secure sites. Perhaps the recent 7.2 version has been improved, but other than the MS issue mentioned above, I cannot fault it.

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