which broadband should i get?

  jimmyead 18:00 04 Oct 2005

which broadband should i get . my requirements are to run an xbox(360) and heavy downloading/web usage. i would like to run it through a wireless router. which would be the best deal ps i can't use uk online , homechoice blueyonder!
thanks guys!

  bremner 18:19 04 Oct 2005

I have been with Blueyonder for many years and can recommend their service wholeheartedly.

I have just been upgraded from 2MB to 10MB with no extra cost and no download limit.

My son has been downloading demos of the latest games like its going out of fashion!!!!

  paulgeaf 18:26 04 Oct 2005

I note you said you CAN'T use blueyonder so I thought I'd add a reply..
I know a lot of people will say they have poor customer service and their technical help leaves a lot to be desired but, if you have a clue what you are doing and are not completely new to computers then you will be able to get things running with minumum difficulty and not need to consult them. Still, the charge for their calls is national or local rate...not premium!

I am talking about...?

Try them, I have been with them for about 4 years now and the line speed is always top notch. I got an upgrade for free from 512k to 2Mbit recently and it is going well. Highly recommended. No download limits even on extremely igh usage like i have for years!
Also, the cost is £23.99 for full unmetered bb. You only get ONE email address but you also get a dynamic IP but have the ability to change it to a static IP over their website!
The bonus is that you can get your phone calls routed through onetel too and pay for all in one bill. Calls are very cheap and free for lots of calls at off peak times. Plus cheaper line rental than BT.

There. I should get a job with them in sales or something...

  MAJ 18:29 04 Oct 2005

Tiscali 1MB, no limit downloads, £14.99 per month.

  Stuartli 18:31 04 Oct 2005

Tiscali will do all of the above speeds up to 2MB much cheaper - 2MB unlimited £17.99 (2GB cap £15.99); 1MB unlimited £14.99; 2MB unlimited + phone £21.99 and £2 less with 1MB.

  bremner 18:51 04 Oct 2005

Sorry misread your posting

  jimmyead 19:09 04 Oct 2005

thanks paul, but i need the isp to be xbox live enabled. this seems to be causing the most problems if you want all of the supposed 'extras'

  Taff36 23:09 04 Oct 2005

Try Pipex.

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