which broadband provider do you recommend

  ©®@$ђ 09:02 11 Oct 2003

hi all, i'm going to be going for broadband 10 times faster than dialup.there are so many out there.

which do you think i should go for.

i'm thinking of aol at the moment

  anchor 09:14 11 Oct 2003

Have a look at Pipex. They have a good "deal" at the present; £17.57 all in.

This gets you connected, supplies you with a modem and 2 micro filters. Cost then is about £23.50/month.

Been with them for about 18 months now and, except for a couple of very minor hiccoughs, no problems. Good speed too.

Personally, I would not touch AOL, although others may take a different view.

  anchor 09:32 11 Oct 2003

Read the comments by Blues Breaker here:

click here

They might put you off them for life.

  ©®@$ђ 09:41 11 Oct 2003

thanks i'm looking at pipex.so they offer a setup fee of £17.57 which includes modem and 2 micro filters. and then it's £23.44 per month for the subscription

not bad total price for the year £298.87

aol total for year £336

pipex at the moment, will i be able to get that in my area or doesn't it matter, as i will be having a bt line installed on the 20th october which will be able to support broadband, so that shouldn't be a problem should it?

  ©®@$ђ 09:47 11 Oct 2003

can i just ask, how long did it take you to have pipex setup from the day you ordered thanks anchor

  plasticpig 09:50 11 Oct 2003

I use NTL on the 600 kb broadband and have done so for 8 months and would not change v good.

  ©®@$ђ 09:53 11 Oct 2003

ok thanks plasticpig. i have used ntl on dialup and have been put off them from my experience, i can't recieve ntl cable in my area!

but i appreciate your comment

  Willow12 09:54 11 Oct 2003

I also have Pipex. Can't remember exactely as to the time frame as I have a bad memory about these things, or so my wife keeps telling me! You get sent the modem and micro filters within a week and activation is usually about a week again after that.

If your BT line supports broadband as you say then yes, you can use Pipex.



  xalemo 10:00 11 Oct 2003

I was with telewest and what a nightmare, always losing the connection, 2 modems fried in a year, their helpline is a nightmare, promise they callback and never do. When they install, your wife or girlfriend might have her 1st heart attack with the mess they leave behind them. When they were coming to repair we were joking "here comes the cow-boys".
Now I am with Pipex too and never had a problem, highly recommended and good price.

  JIM 10:37 11 Oct 2003

AOL may not be perfect but most comments in link unfounded and forcing software onto you not true.

If anyone took the time to read about there product software,looked at the adverts check out what they have to offer like they do when bying a PC in this forum they would know what to expect.

I find most complaints are when there free time finishes and trying to cancel to move on to the next one,though i have not had that problem.

And there help is a far lot better than some of the big PC producers.

Comments of AOL going deep into windows. What software don't these days,
EG. you be suprised how many entries are in your system after years of placing just the PCadvisor Mag CD in the drive, let alone by any others.

No, AOL have a good product for the family man/woman which is safe. May be a bit cluttered but that can be sorted.

It also can run well with other providers(i have vigin pay as you go for a backup)Very small files on os,-- but saying that WHY would you want to have many other Isp on you system at the same time?

Maybe that is why some members have so many problems.

When anyone says worse than Micrsoft for forceing etc.---use the caps and hope you can spell the word--- ACTIVATION

Aol Broadband is still worth thinking about.(no vat)---- yet :)

  ©®@$ђ 10:53 11 Oct 2003

thanks for all your comments appreciated and noted:

im going for pipex at the moment.

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