Which broadband provider?

  Rand Al Thor 16:09 26 Oct 2004

I am, considering changing my dialup to broadband. I have had a look on the internet to try to decide which would be the best option, but am totally bewildered. For instance, what does the restriction of 1 Gig mean. Does it mean that every time I go online that that is part of the 1 Gig. And, is it better to have a free modem and set up? And, do I want ADSL(whatever that is) or cable? Most of the people I know are still on dialup, so no help there. Price, although a consideration is not the prime concern. If I have to pay a couple of quid extra to have a better service, I don't mind. Incidentally, I don't see myself as a heavy user. I am using Windows XP OS

Many thanks


  woodt 16:35 26 Oct 2004

This is probably the best website for you to look over click here

  joseph K 16:55 26 Oct 2004

Besides that little lot try here click here 300kbs £17.99 per month and upwards for more width.

I changed from having dial up with them, to having 150kbs broadband, now this has been increased at no extra cost to 300kbs. It's great! No download restrictions, excellent customer service (of course they are paying me!), they give you a smart little modem for nothing, rather than a set up cost they frequently have a deal whereby new users have some time for free, you can use the service as heavily/lightly as you wish with no extra charge!

Go on - I need the comission! LOL!

  pj123 18:01 26 Oct 2004

Also try, click here

Just found this one (new to me) V21. at click here supposedly the UKs cheapest broadband. At £16.99 per month, unlimited bandwidth and also "No long contracts to tie you down".

  Rand Al Thor 08:12 27 Oct 2004

Thanks for all your help.


  hillybilly 08:24 27 Oct 2004

Good prices, reliable service and excellent support team, used them for three years! click here

  Jackcoms 08:33 27 Oct 2004

Rand Al Thor

Confused? You will be!

  Noelg23 08:55 27 Oct 2004

this is by far the best ISP for broadband click here a 1Mb connection will cost you only £25.99 a month and its not a 12month contract your tied down too either...check it out you wont be disappointed.

  topof 09:32 27 Oct 2004

kingston do there own broadband which has just been updated to 750bps and no download limit for 27.99 a month only for people in hull though

  Rand Al Thor 10:10 27 Oct 2004

No I don't live in Hull, but thanks for the site anyway. I am still as confused as ever, but I will check out the sites that everyone has so kindly given. One again many thanks for all your help.


  James-187213 22:38 03 Dec 2004

I've just signed up with Supanet, I've got a 1Meg connection with unlimited downloads for just over £20 a month, and there's a free modem. Can't fault the connection speed either!!

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