which broadband to buy,please help

  bibo1465 00:59 03 Jan 2005


Please i need your help.

I would to subscribe to braodband, but i am so mixed between:
On easyNet i found out the have this:
click here

an 8MBPS called UK online 8000(the link above).
I used the braodband a lot so i don't want limit to download, i prefer to pay more rather than limit the usage.

I am using click here compare the ISP provider above, i found out Nildram was one of the highest in term of speed,realibility,customer services.

Can you please advice me which one is the best,in term of speed,realible,customer services in most important NO cap or no limit.

Thank you for your advise in advance

My kindest regards

  kev.Ifty 01:26 03 Jan 2005

You don't want a cap on your usage? why?

Wanadoo offer a '30GB' Monthly usage package for about £28.

Do you think your usage would exceed 30GB a month??

I am on the 2GB package and i download loads of crap and all my family are on this PC almost all day! We don't even come close to 'our' limit.

click here


  denniswks 03:19 03 Jan 2005

AOL have no limits and if you take Gold package, annual payment it is £270 per year, £22.50 a month.

  pipedream 09:03 03 Jan 2005
  bibo1465 10:32 03 Jan 2005

hi everyone

Thank you for replying to my thread so quick, i approciated.

for kev.Ifty, yes i need more than 30GB i am downloading a lot of movies.it exceed more than 30 GB.

With all my respect to you,and to your reply. you don't reply to my question above about the ISP i mentioned. (Eclipse,nildram,plusNet,easynet)ISP.

Please i need your help about the ISP above if you know.

Thank you again for all the help i received from you.

My kindest regards

  holly polly 11:44 03 Jan 2005

brother on plusnet 1 mb unlimited downloads about 30 quid a month and very satisfied he is to -hol pol...

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