which broadband???

  nas1234 22:13 26 Jul 2005

i am just about to get broadband but don't know which one to get.i want to download music,dvds etc.will the cheapest package be enough?this offers 1mb broadband with 3gb per month.the next option is 2mb with 30gb per month.i will be very grateful to anyone who can help me with this.thanks

  jpobrien 22:50 26 Jul 2005

Have you looked at ukonline ? very cheap and i have had no problems with them.

  seaton 22:51 26 Jul 2005

I use Pipex at £23.99 for 2GB unlimited download and have had no problems with it.
I started with BT Broadband but was always getting drops in download times, although I still pay about a £1 a month to use my BT Yahoo email address as it checks all incoming mail for Viruses and removes Spam before I open any it.

  ctm04 23:52 28 Jul 2005

Take a look at E7, click here, we use it and are pretty pleased...1Mbps (was 512Kbps but had a free upgrade for the first 2000 subscribers,) unlimited download for the equivalent of £10.00 a month. Very good value.

  palinka 19:29 30 Jul 2005

There are several things to think about when you choose broadband : cost; speed; capping level.

I have Pipex (though when I got mine there was an option for slower speed and lower cost - not sure that's still the case; mine costs me about £16.99 a month).

I chose Pipex because it was the cheapest I could find (while still being well recommended) but where there was no "cap" on how much you can download each month. Not that I expect to download a vast amount, but I couldn't see the attractions of effectively "clock watching".

So it depends on whether absolute max possible speed is essential to you or whether you are prepared to accept something a bit slower but pay less. Try one of those web sites that compare available BB providers to see what there is - can't remember addresses but someone will know - and there's also one that gives a demo of comparison between dial-up download and 2 different speeds of BB.

Even "slow" BB is so much faster than dial-up that unless, as I said, you crave pure speed, even a slower BB will probably satisfy you.

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