Which blank cdr?

  KatyN 11:05 03 Jul 2004

Could anyone advise me which are the best quality cdr. We are burning cds from a master, which is spoken voice audio.

I understand TDK are good.

We need a balance between quality and cost!

  AndySD 11:19 03 Jul 2004

Have a look at using Taiyo Yuden

  KatyN 11:22 03 Jul 2004

Just checked website - they certainly look like good value - thank you!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:24 03 Jul 2004

I have used the £15/100 ones for three years without any problems. I would imagine that the CDs will be binned/put in back of drawer after a few years, go for the cheap ones...Ritek Jaguar...100 for £15 from click here


  KatyN 12:24 03 Jul 2004

Thank you Gandalft - much appreciated - looks good

  Stuartli 13:41 03 Jul 2004

Taiyo Yuden is one of the world's leading media manufacturers and its products, apart from selling under its own name, have also been rebranded by, among others, 3M, Sony, Philips & Imation.

I always use the Imation CD-Rs sold in jewel case packs of 10 at £5.99 a pack or three packs for £10 at Morrisons/Safeway - superb value and currently now rated at 52x speed.

Never had one single coaster in nearly 18 months whether using 32x, 48x or the 52x version and the same goes for several friends, who also buy them from Morrisons.

  Stuartli 13:44 03 Jul 2004

If you want to find out who produces the best, average and worst CD-Rs and CD-RWs or who rebrands such products under their own names, go to:

click here


click here (about half-way down)

  Robotic_Rob 13:53 03 Jul 2004

I think with cd's you buy what you pay for. Back in the day when i first started to burn cd's i got the cheapest cd's of all different brands. And i use to get alot of crap cd's. So i decided to try out the more expensive cd's and i havnt had a problem with them for yrs now.

  AndySD 14:16 03 Jul 2004

Thats why I tend to but their own unbranded disks... ;-))

  KatyN 15:26 03 Jul 2004

Wow! Thank you all, this is really helpful and just the sort of advice I needed.

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