Which is the better laptop?

  Re-staw 01:13 27 May 2012

Asus A54HR-SX254V Notebook ($599 after laptop trade in)

Intel Core i3 /2.2ghz/2330M Radeon HD 7470 4GB DDR3 RAM 500GB storage 15.6” Display

LINK: http://www.joycemayne.com.au/asus-a54hr-sx254v-notebook.html


Acer AS5750G-2414G75Mnkk Notebook ($723)

Intel Core i5 2.3ghz/2410m Nvidia Geforce GT 520 4GB DDR3 RAM 750GB storage 15.6” Display

LINK: http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Technology/Computers-and-Notebooks/Computer-Notebooks-and-Laptops/AC57502414

  Matt Bell 10:12 29 May 2012

I would suggest ASUS over Acer any time. I haven't owned Asus laptop but I know that it has very good customer service, quality and specifications. I've used Acer and it turned into junk few months after warranty period. My suggestion is don't be too tempted by their price.

  Woolwell 14:14 29 May 2012

I disagree with Matt Bell but without knowing what you want to us the laptop for it is difficult to reply.

  Matt Bell 12:38 30 May 2012

Yes, I agree with you it's best if Re-staw writes his computer specifications otherwise it's harder to help.

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