which is better....

  nuhim172 14:03 10 Jan 2006

i dont have a lot of computer knowledge, and need to know which processors are good. which is better regarding performance and speed:


and what role does intel centrino technology mean??

thank you.

  PaulB2005 14:08 10 Jan 2006
  nuhim172 14:15 10 Jan 2006

i know its a duplicated thread but nobaody ansered the other thread. please could provide the answer in this thread.

  Mytob 14:22 10 Jan 2006

id go for a amd smpron if its just for office stuff and hell to itel chips. aparantly they use firmware or something similer which makes them suseptible to viri atack where the amd cpus dont. the amd cost less than the pentium range and do a better job in any case! if you are going for the gaming side id still go for amd but would stick to x86 (32 bit) and not x64 (64 bit) as there is no reliable 64 bit os out there at the moment and the windows 64 bit version has got to be the worst os ever! even pc worl dont support it! if yo do want 64 bit the best os would be a linux one as they have been 64 bit for a over a year now. use something like suse or debian as these are easy to start on and very stable o and also a linux os are freeeeeeeee! well apart from linspire. if you do go for linux you are rather restricted on gameing at the moment as there are few native linux ports of comercial games. use cedega to emulate the most popular. does a good job but is paid for tough.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:31 10 Jan 2006

As Mytob suggests, it all depends on what you want the machine for.

P4 adnd PM are fairly high performance; celeron fine for office / internet work.

Antlon 64s are good all rounders and some suggest that they are the best. Certainly you get more for your money.

When purchasing a new PC though, there is more to take into account than simply the processor speed. Other components will have an effect on overall performance.

  Mytob 14:38 10 Jan 2006

btw try to get one without windows pre installed such as from a pc fair and get a oem copy of windows for about 40 of ebay or from your local pc fair. this can save you a bomb on pc world prices as you pay the full 290 licence fee for xp when you get it form there! and its totaly legal this way aswell. just make sure you get the coa sticker and not just a code as this is your licence. a code on a peice of paper in not a licence and thus not legal. you muct get the shiny sticker or youve been screwed!

  PaulB2005 14:41 10 Jan 2006

"get a OEM copy of windows for about 40 of ebay or from your local pc fair. this can save you a bomb on pc world prices as you pay the full 290 licence fee for xp when you get it form there! and its totaly legal this way "

Never has been a legal way. OEm are for OEm builders and not home builders. Home Builders are legally required to use Retail Packs.

  Mytob 14:54 10 Jan 2006

not as i undrstand it. if im corect if the pc has been broken up for parts the licence is liberated for use on another pc under eu law. i may well be wrong on it but that how i understand it.

  Mytob 14:59 10 Jan 2006

looks like you were partial right

"One of the most common license errors is when people take their old OEM software CDs and install the program on another computer. OEM software is Original Equipment Manufacturer software. OEM software comes with your computer and is not licensed to you, but is licensed to the computer on which it was installed. This means, if your original computer dies, you cannot install that same software on another system because the computer that owned the rights is now dead.

But some software pirates get around that legal issue by selling their OEM software along with a small piece of hardware from the dead computer. The reason being that the license states that OEM software must remain with the original PC components and be installed on a system that contains original components (or some such legalese)."

aslong as you have a peice of the hardware then you seem to be ok.

  PaulB2005 15:04 10 Jan 2006

Was that written pre or post September 2005? The rules have changed.

First of all you have to be (and always have to have been) and OEM to use OEM software. It is not legal for Home Builders to use OEM software.

Secondly OEM copies of Windows must now be installed on completely new PCs and not upgraded PCs.

click here

Focus mainly on the FE's comments - especially "People who simply build a computer for their personal use - the so-called 'hobby builders' are not entitled to buy OEM software, and never have been. The fact that you, or anyone else may be able to buy a copy from a retailer doesn't automatically mean that it's OK to do it. "

  DieSse 15:15 10 Jan 2006

*and what role does intel centrino technology mean*

Centrino - see here click here for what it contains - it's basically a comination of items specialised for mobile computing (laptops and the like).

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