which is better?

  stuntmaster 14:01 28 May 2004

hi all

which windows is the best and what one is the worst?

like can you say in order? 95 thru to XP


  jonnytub 14:06 28 May 2004

start from 3.1 then go in order up to 98 and xp home (forget about millenium), then in my humble opinion xp pro tops the lot, however some people argue that linux is also a top os, tried it once and didn't like it

  Totally-braindead 14:10 28 May 2004

Theres no simple answer to this, they do more basically in order they were created ie win95, win98, win98SE, winMe, winXP. Of the ones listed I found WinMe to be a disaster, I upgraded to it and after a couple of months went back to 98, I thought Win98SE was much more stable and used it for years, XP is what I have now and I find it more stable than 98SE but it has problems running older software and is a hog when it comes to resources but it has a lot more tools etc for handling audio and video. So basically it depends on A what you want it to do and B how old/fast your computer is. You'll get a better answer if you say what you want to use it for and what computer you'll use it on.

  stuntmaster 14:11 28 May 2004

lol thanks

where does win 2k pro stand? and what edition of 98 are you talking about as i heard there was two diffrent versions am i right?

  stuntmaster 14:14 28 May 2004

also my pc is of good spec, 1.6Ghz, radeon 9200, 768MB of memory, so would xp pro be good?

  Mr Alien 14:45 28 May 2004

windows 2000 is not for home PCs, its for network clients/servers. It is effectivly the 'XP' equivalent release of Windows NT. You should not be bothered with it for a standalone PC.

Win98SE (second edition) is the best win98 to go for.
Don't bother with the first edition.

For a PC of your spec, I recommend XP home.
(you wont need xp professional unless you are a developer). It will give you more support and stability.

  ste_bla 14:47 28 May 2004

It should run okay however unless you have a big network why not save money and go for xp home.. If there are any reasons why not i be glad to find out as im just about to purchase XP

2000 is nearly as good xp except not as visually refined thats why its roughly same price as XP!!

  Totally-braindead 14:52 28 May 2004

Win 2000 is more for business users, if you installed it you might find a lot of your programs wouldn't work so I wouldn't really consider it personally. There weren't really 2 versions of win98 there was win98 then win98SE(second edition) basically the same as win98 but with all the problems sorted out, with the result it is much more stable. XP would work fine on your computer the only problems you may experience is with the hardware drivers, as an example my monitor is running with a standard plug and play driver as it is so old the company decided not to create a winXP driver for it but it still works fine, the scanner as well is running using a winNT driver(another business operating system) it works ok and hasn't caused a problem but some scanners just won't work. So be warned, the rest of your system sounds fine. It might be worth checking the manufacturers websites of your monitor printer scanner etc to ensure there are XP drivers before you start and have a look at click here theres info here about how to tell if your PC will run XP

  Mr Alien 14:55 28 May 2004

ste_bla - you are incorrect. XP and 2000 are not rival operating systems, but exist in a different niche. 2000 was released alongside ME as the large network equivalent - a more modern version of say NT4) 98se was upgraded to ME (for home), and NT was upgraded to 2000 (for large networks).

If you have a large network, then you still would not want to go with XP pro, but with 2000. XP pro is exactly the same as XP home but with a couple of extra network features useful for lightweight netowkring or development (such as ASP development). It is not designed that XP pro is used on large networks a sa replacement to 2000 pro.

  Fruit Bat 16:25 28 May 2004

Have 2000 pro on works laptop ideal for work / networking large company.

Personal comp.
Got rid of ME after 4 solid days of problems, Xp pro on now, as more secure than XP Home see July PCA.

Was happiest with win98SE on old comp, probably just got use to it for so long, but xp better for modern devices USB2 etc.

  broggs 16:40 28 May 2004

Have had win 2000pro for a long time on my home pc....all programs work,it is fast,and has no problems at all if you update as and when available.I use BIGFIX for this.

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