Which is the best web design software for an total beginner?!

  Ian in Northampton 15:27 23 Jul 2014

I can't help you build it from scratch - way beyond my understanding - but we recently wanted to create a web site (for our holiday rental place in Italy) and used GoDaddy both for the site design and hosting. We also bought their SEO service. I think it cost us £69 for a year. GoDaddy's underlying 'stuff' is WordPress. I really liked what GoDaddy provided me. They provide you with a gazillion templates according to the type of web site you want - but if you're at all PC savvy, you'll quickly find that the templates are just a starting point and that you have a huge amount of flexibility to do as you wish. Now, if your dad wants e-commerce capability, it may get a bit trickier...

Usual disclaimer re affiliation - just a satisfied customer.

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