which is the best grafix card

  [email protected] 01:26 10 Nov 2003

either the gforce 4 ti 4200

or the MSI Fx5200 8x AGP 128MB TV-Out

i thought it would be the gforce fx

but the price is cheaper than the gforce 4 ti by about ?40

  ahales42 01:32 10 Nov 2003

there is going to be a new gfx thing out called pcie which will make agp redundant. wait and see.

  [email protected] 01:35 10 Nov 2003

will it go into an agp slot coz thats what i have got

  SGT BARNES 01:38 10 Nov 2003

crash has a point , they bring out something new thats gonna make agp redundant so do we all have to buy new motherboards.

new m/b's will probably be released the same time as new chips and memory nowing what the pc industry is like , so if anybody wants to lent me and crash the money then we'd be happy to keep up with the jones's.

  ahales42 01:49 10 Nov 2003

would`nt we all. the new cards will be pcie. (e for extended) suposed to be faster than agp. in fact it`s fairly safe to say that agp is finished. but will be a few month before it comes out.

  temp003 03:45 10 Nov 2003

I don't think you can put a PCI Express card into a PCI slot or AGP slot. Unless you're thinking of changing your motherboard sometime next year (probably 2nd half), and of doling out a significant amount of money, I wouldn't wait for PCI Express.

PCI-Extended (PCI-X) is a different thing. Cards are backward compatible with old PCI standard motherboards, but running at the old speed, so that's not much use. I think PCI-X mobos and cards are aimed at the server and workstation markets. I'm not aware that there's a significant development towards PCI-X graphics cards.

Also, given that you're considering the ti4200 vs the fx5200, you're not really after the top performance graphics card anyway.

If it's between these 2 cards, performance-wise, a Ti series card, though a much older model, can probably beat an equivalent model in the fx series.

The FX series does provide DX9 support. However, tests show that the FX series running in DX9 mode don't perform well compared to ATI cards.

At the level of cards you're considering, it's probably not a good idea to run games in DX9 mode anyway.

I know it sounds odd to ask you to buy an older model the Ti 4200 rather than the FX 5200, but if you can still get hold of an Ti 4200, and the price difference is 40 pounds, I would go for the Ti (even if I'm wrong about the Ti4200 being faster than the fx5200, I doubt the fx5200 is worth the price difference).

  simonp1 07:49 10 Nov 2003

look at this site....it compaires then all. Personally 4200 would be my choise

click here

  [email protected] 09:19 10 Nov 2003

cheers for you comments

i have a tnt2 card at the moment and the graphics are poor

at ebuyer the gforce 4 ti 4200 is about ?90 and the gforce fx 5200 is about ?50

i would rather pay ?50 than ?90

but if there is a big difference in performance it may be worth paying the extra ?40

but i doubt there would that much difference between the two cards, but to be honest i dont know

  temp003 09:30 10 Nov 2003

A couple of mistakes to correct :o((.

It seems that I haven't been comparing cards at the same level. The fx5200 is not the DX9 equivalent of Ti4200. It's the fx5600 which is supposed to be a replacement of the Ti4200. click here and read the 1st paragraph.

You're not necessarily concerned with whether one is comparing like with like. So for the performance difference, between the Ti4200 and the fx5200, click here and read pages 9-11 of the article. The Ti4200 is a much faster card.

I also misread your post about which card is more expensive. Sorry about that.

Whether it's worth the price difference of 40 pounds (which is quite a lot), it's up to you. Given that you've been surviving on a TNT, you're probably not that demanding on video performance, and will probably be content with the fx5200.

  [email protected] 14:07 10 Nov 2003

thankyou for your detailed response very helpful

i used to have a gforce 3 ti, which was great then i sold it, left my computer for 6 months without a grafix card, and purchased a tnt2 card just to get me up and running..

i hate this card, as when the computer first starts up, the fan on the tnt2 card makes a terrible noise, but then quietens down, this is a problem with these cards, poorly made, but you cannot complain at that price

but as you mentioned i have survived on the tnt2 card..i have but i havn't really been able to enjoy my games, i downloaded a 230 mb demo of evolution soccer 3, its an amazing game, but the miniumum spec is a gforce 3 ti, and the recommended spec, is gforce 4 ti, or ati 9000

so i gave it a whirl on my tnt2 and it played in slow motion..you gotta laugh!

so i am thinking of a card at a reasonable price to be able to peform these sort of games,you have now opened my eyes to which is the better card, as i pursumed the gforce fx would be a better card as it is newer, i shouldn't of been so naive but i was..

so it does look like it wouldn't really be worth me forking out the £50 for the fx card, i may aswell pay a little more and get the gforce 4 ti 4200

thanks again

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