Which is the best / fastest internet Browser?

  B2K 13:15 13 Dec 2004

As above


  Diodorus Siculus 13:36 13 Dec 2004

It's like the piece of string! :-)

Anyway, my vote goes to Firefox 1.0 - does all that I want, seemingly faster and probably more securely than IE.

No doubt you will get votes for IE, Opera, Netscape and the various flavours of skins for IE such as Avant...

  Diodorus Siculus 13:40 13 Dec 2004

Why use Firefox?
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Firefox - Rediscover the web
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click here=

I was once a big fan of Opera:
Why Opera?
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Why opera?
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  Jeffers22 14:05 13 Dec 2004

My own preference is for Opera - for the same reasons D S prefers Firefox. I'm not so sure there's a lot of difference between them, except Opera has "Mouse Gestures" which can be enormously useful. Certainly both are intrinsicallly more secure than IE. They are also more configurable (I think Opera wins here too) than IE. Both are lean and mean.

  D G 14:25 13 Dec 2004

As Diodorus Siculus and Jeffers22 have said it's all down to individual preferences,I think opera and firefox are very fast,but you can get a lot of IE based browsers that are as fast,Maxthon, Deepnet, and Avant just to name three.

  stylehurst 14:27 13 Dec 2004

I would vote for Opera

  Djohn 14:44 13 Dec 2004

I've been using Firefox 1.0 for the past couple of weeks and very pleased with it. I still prefer IE6 though at the moment as it has never caused me a problem and I find it very fast.

My opinion may change over the coming months as I get more used to Firefox as I like quite a lot of the features with it but I can't see it being faster than IE6, I certainly haven't noticed a difference but then IE6 flys along for me anyway.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:16 13 Dec 2004

When the extensions are added into the Firefox equation, there is no comparison! Some of them are excellent.

  GaT7 15:44 13 Dec 2004

My favourites are Avant click here & Firefox. They have several useful features, including 'tabbed' browsing - can have several 'tabs' opened at once with only one instance/window of the browser opened (most of the non-IE ones have this rather useful feature). G

If you go with Firefox don't forget to try the Extensions (like Googlebar, ImageZoom, ForecastFox, FoxyTunes, ReloadEvery, Session Saver, etc.: click here.) & Themes (like GrayModern, Noia 2, Silver Skin & Qute: click here).

Note: Whichever browser(s) you decide to keep do not uninstall IE (you probably already know this!).

  Stuartli 16:05 13 Dec 2004

I've been using Firefox 1.0 (and Thunderbird 0.9 and now 1.0) for several weeks - it's vastly more secure and very much quicker than IE6.

What's more there's none of that constant requirement to check for updates/security etc...:-)

  bertiecharlie 18:23 13 Dec 2004

Here is one called Phaseout click here I just can't bring myself to download and try it ...

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