Which is the best Email Client?

  [DELETED] 08:32 19 Sep 2003

I have been using AOL for years and have finally got fed up as they have been losing 30% of my email over the last month and simply will not admit it is their fault. I have set up my own domain with oneandone who also provide me with 3 POP3 mailboxes and an outgoing SMTP server. So, I have some nice new addresses and some mailboxes which leaves two decisions: which ISP to use to get on line and which Mail Client to use to send and receive email.

I have plenty of time to decide on which ISP to use as I am still using AOL to log on. However, the question of which Mail Client to use to access my POP3 Mailboxes is urgent. I have played about a bit with Outlook Express over the years so using that would be the easiest. However, I am worried that most viruses, worms etc seem to be written to work with OE so would I be best to avoid it?

I am wondering about Outlook, but is it not also vulnerable to viruses etc? Is it not also fairly big and clunky given that I only want email, not any sort of time management. (I am retired) On the other hand, I shall be using several email addresses to keep my mail in order so perhaps Outlook would be a good choice?

I am wondering to about Eudora and Pegasus. As I know nothing about these, any comments would be most helpful.

With thanks in advance.

  [DELETED] 09:30 19 Sep 2003

This is a good choice if you want to add a bit of panache, or perhaps themes to your emails as I find most emails boring.
Depending on your sense of humour you can certainly liven someones day up, and as far as bugs, worms, etc I am not aware of any but of course you have to be using decent Antivirus, Firewalls etc for protection anyway.

  [DELETED] 09:51 19 Sep 2003

It works like a database, so for example, if I select a contact, I immediately see a sorted list of correpsondence to and from that contact, whichever of my email addresses was used to send or receive email.

You will have to adjust a bit to M2's different design model, but it is more efficient. All of your mail is in one database of received mail, and the various views of that database are just like record filters. click here for an on-line tutorial.

Opera doesn't send HTML email, though you can view HTML email sent by others.

  hugh-265156 09:57 19 Sep 2003

outlook express for me.just make sure you use the latest version,update windows and disable the preview pane.disable attachments too if you want and use plain text instead of html.

click here click here

  [DELETED] 10:11 19 Sep 2003

The Bat, not free but excellent.

  [DELETED] 10:22 19 Sep 2003

Since all the upsurge in spam I use Mailwasher which bounces any unwanted stuff, filters viruses etc (free) click here .

  [DELETED] 10:45 19 Sep 2003

I use Outlook 2002 that comes with Office XP, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with Outlook Express. I only use Outlook because Express is the cut-down version and since I have Office I might as well make use of it. For most users, including myself, Outlook Express is more than adequate.

Whichever mail client you choose, make sure you have a good antivirus program that's compatible with it and will scan your emails automatically.

  [DELETED] 12:38 19 Sep 2003

I've been using Pegasus Mail for some years now
click here

It's free and more secure than Outlook Express.

  [DELETED] 11:54 22 Sep 2003

Thanks for all your thoughts. Much appreciated. I have tried and dismissed Pegasus (no special reason - I just didn't get on with it). I have deceided against Outlook as my only copy is on my Office 97 CD and I'm not likely to upgrade that. I am currently running Outlook Express and Eudora side by side (I am leaving mail on the server so I can download into both progs) I shall keep them both going for a week or so and then decide.

Thanks again.

P.S. I am tempted to have a look at a couple of the others that have been mentioned but time is running out. I really do have to get out more!!!!

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