Which barebones package do you recommend?

  Dazza40 18:45 01 Jan 2006

I'm looking to upgrade my PC and have realised that better to but barebones and use my existing DVd player, writer, monitor etc.
I have a budget of around £400 to include decent size hard drive (say 200GB) and 1gb RAM.

What would you recommend?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:50 01 Jan 2006

click here for a starter; add your own hard disk.

If you're keeping the case and have a decent PSU click here

  Fingees 18:52 01 Jan 2006

I was going to recommend Novatech, but someone got in first.

Happy New Year.

  GaT7 18:58 01 Jan 2006

So we can offer better advice, please list the components you *want to change* (leaving out the ones you don't)
- Motherboard
- Hard disk
- Memory
- Graphics card
- Case

  Dazza40 19:04 01 Jan 2006

- Motherboard
- Hard disk
- Memory

I've had a quick nose at Novatech. Hard disk would be approx £65 for 200gb. Not concerned about graphics card as not used for gaming. I use my PC for burning DVDs and this seems to use up a lot of CPU so I guess that faster would be better. Presently running with 1800 AMD processor and 768 RAM.


  GaT7 19:38 01 Jan 2006

* CPU - £150 / AMD Athlon 64 3700 CPU Skt 939 click here

* Motherboard
- £64 Asus A8V Deluxe S-939 (with AGP for your graphics card) click here
- £54 Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939 S-939 (with AGP) click here

* Hard disk - £62 Maxtor 200GB SATA (both mobos have SATA - SATA only slightly dearer, see click here - 1st link is for 80Gb) click here

* Memory - £58 2x512Mb Corsair PC3200 click here

TOTAL (excl P+P) = £334/324

Keep the remainder for a new PSU - you will most probably need a good new one (click here & scroll down)if your old one is not upto scratch for the 'new' build. Btw, what make/model & rating is the present one in (Watts)?

If new PSU not needed, next CPU up is £196 - AMD Athlon 64 3800+ S-939
click here - or go for more storage.

Fresh total (excl P+P) = £380/370. G

  Dazza40 20:44 02 Jan 2006

Thanks Crossbow. I'm a PC builder virgin. Was planning on going the "safer" way of buying a barrebones package and adding bits from my present PC. Would you recommend this or jump in the deep end and pruchase the individual components and go for it??

  Totally-braindead 00:05 03 Jan 2006

If you've never fiddled inside a PC there is quite a lot that can go wrong, not so much with the building if you're careful but with your choice of components. The Novatech barebones systems are ok, got one for a friend last year and hes delighted with it. If you do go for a Novatech system do buy one of the ones with at least an AGP port, if graphics aren't important to you just now you can buy a cheap £20 graphics card or one that has integrated graphics but has an AGP port for adding a ggraphics card later on if you want to, I have seen quite a few people that buy a PC with integrated graphics and no AGP port who buy some game or whatever and then find they can't play it and get really annoyed.

Looking at your budget and what Novatech are offering just now I think this is not bad click here add a cheap graphics card another 512mb RAM, ask them which memory is compatable and a hard drive and you're away. If you to build your own and want a really hot PC and can stretch the budget a bit click here it is a bit pricier but includes a DVD writer, have a look at the "build your own" link even if its not for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Oh, remember to budget for your Windows XP as unless you already have a full version you probably won't be able to use it on your new PC. You can still get Windows XP OEM from some companies for about £60 and as long as you put it in a new PC you're covered.

  Strawballs 00:10 03 Jan 2006

If you are buyimg from novatech then they will sell you XP oem I did I got XP Pro but they will do Home as well.

  Dazza40 19:20 03 Jan 2006

thanks for both links. Second one looks fab, will push the budget a bit but well worth considering. Cheers for the tip on AGP port.

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