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Which backup software do I need?

  Hydols Rodzas 16:39 15 May 2017

Hello, I'm looking for advice since I'm surfing the web looking for a free backup software, but there so many types and I can't figure out which one I need. I am W10 user and my PC has 1 SSD with the system and software and 1 HDD with all my documents and files. I'd like to keep both backed up in the same external HDD, I want (if it's possible) the backups to be incremented so I don't have long waiting times and it would be perfect if that software have features like calendar or shutting down the PC after the backup. Which is the difference beetween File Backup and Image Backup? Is one better for system and other better for files?

  alanrwood 16:45 15 May 2017

I use FBackup Free. It is network aware.

  john bunyan 17:49 15 May 2017

I use (free) Macrium Reflect for my C (system) drive - weekly images . I don't bother with incrementa ones. For data I use Freefiesynch. I have a 1Tb USB drive partitioned into 250 gig for compressed images from my 250 gig SSD and balance for data - the data only does changed folders after the first copy. I do further back ups on another drive.

  Forum Editor 18:06 15 May 2017

I use Allway Sync, and have done for years. It is an excellent application, with lots of configuration options, and it just gets on with the job in the background.

All my files are backed up to an external drive every 15 minutes - the software watches for changes and/or additions.

I use the Pro version, but the free version is perfect for a single machine.

  john bunyan 18:22 15 May 2017

*Forum Editor *

Does Allway Sync do images or clones of the system files as well as backing up the data? The OP mentioned backing up but I assumed he also wanted to make images?

  Menzie 23:44 15 May 2017

I previously used Acronis True Image 2017 but started to use Easus ToDo Backup which I got in a recent application Humble Bundle for a good price.

Never tried Easus but prefer it now to Acronis.

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