Which Avast file to point Leechget to?

  nick_j007 09:51 12 May 2006

Hello all,

I have a new PC! Dell 9150 with a cracking 20" screen. It's awesome and is ripping through what used to be much slower tasks.

Anyway enough of that, I have put Leechget on the new PC and also Avast AV. When Leechget gives me the option to scan downloaded files with my AV I go to C drive, Prog's then Avast. Then I am faced with 25 or so files I could use.

Any thoughts on which one I should select please?

Thank you.

I'm sure I'll be around a bit more in the near future!


  Taff™ 11:07 12 May 2006

Try ashAvast.exe - that`s the main one.

  nick_j007 11:15 12 May 2006

Thank you very much.

I had a hunch that would be the one but was not sure to be honest.



  Belatucadrus 12:02 12 May 2006

I prefer ashQuick.exe , it'll scan the file, ashAvast.exe launches the main menu. avast! webshield already monitors web downloads, so your fairly safe as is.

  Jackcoms 15:33 12 May 2006

Belatucadrus is correct.

ashQuick.exe actually launches a scan.

ashAvast.exe only launches the Avast main menu/interface. It doesn't start a scan.

  nick_j007 17:31 13 May 2006

Right you are then.

Though as you say webshield is already at work as it comes in, so I may as well leave it blank! (?)

Thanks all for looking in.


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