which AV- confused ?

  gedr 10:36 24 Jan 2005

OK, so I've got a new computer, with all the conflicting info about which av to use, such as, some will say get everything for free, just as good as paid for ones.
I have always understood that free av did not provide updates, if that is the case it wouldn't be much help. ( I stand corrected if that is wrong ) Now, if free is as good how are they able to sell ?
I have always thought you don't get owt for nowt.

The base unit I have has three months trial of Norton, but if I'm not convinced it's worth it I shall dump it and get another.
Obviously you can't believe everything the makers say, after all they want to sell it, it only makes it more difficult for the person who is not sure what they want/need and just adds to the problem.

Glad of any help,

  ACOLYTE 10:38 24 Jan 2005

click here

Is probably one of the most used and best around at the moment although some might say different,updates included,You can get ACG Pro if you wont to pay for it and i dint think there is a lot of difference,the ability to set scan times and what to scan and the inbuilt help is about it as far as i know.

  goonerbill © ® 10:56 24 Jan 2005

asking which A/V software is best, is like asking how long is a piece of string. the only way to find out is to test them yourself or search the web for an independend test of all A/V and see which is rated best.

heres a couple sites to look at click here click here

  Diodorus Siculus 11:00 24 Jan 2005

I would suggest that you go for Avast. It auto-updates itself when you are connected to the net and has the option of a voice telling you that it has done so! (You will soon tire of this, I am sure!)

avast! antivirus software - computer virus, worm and Trojan protection by ALWIL Software
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  gedr 11:20 24 Jan 2005

Diodorus Siculus
Excellent responses, seems I'm now spoiled for choice.

Thanks again, folks.


  Salinger 12:01 24 Jan 2005

Unless I'm mistaken, you will need help to get FULLY rid of Norton!

  2neat 12:30 24 Jan 2005

'how long is a piece of string' ANSWER is twice the distance from the center to one end!

  Stuartli 12:33 24 Jan 2005

AVG7 Free (as with previous versions) from click here is consistently and regularly updated by the company and is a very effective AV utility.

  Stuartli 12:36 24 Jan 2005

The same also applies to other freeware utilities such as ZoneAlarm (firewall), and Search and Destroy 1.3, Ad-Aware 1.05 Personal and SpywareBlaster, which stop or remove adware and malware.

  gedr 15:47 24 Jan 2005

Just found your reply, I've been getting rid of Norton, there seem to be three sections to it: antivirus, control centre and update programme, I took all those out from the control panel with the add/remove utility after which there was no mention of Norton and the shortcuts which were on the desktop had also disappeared.
Will I need to look any further? Haven't yet established the connection to go online, doing all this on the iMac, up to now I've been sharing b/b conn. with Win. notebook so I shut down/
switch off modem/ swap ethernet cable and then start up Windows.

How would I know if I had any fragments of Norton left ?

Cheers, gedr.

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