which are the best makes of laptops

  Ballie 16:40 16 May 2008

I am about to buy a laptop for my daughter, she will use it for surfing the internet, email, using itunes, downloading music, watching dvd's and word docs etc.

I know nothing about laptops so any advice on which makes have a good reputation would be gratfully recived.

  interzone55 16:55 16 May 2008

Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba

I've had laptops from all three and swear by them, not at them

For general stuff as you've described I'd be tempted to get a refurbished Toshiba from Morgan Computers.

click here

Another place to look is the Dell Outlet
click here

Whilst you could buy a new laptop from PC World for less money, you'd almost certainly get a much poorer laptop.

  chub_tor 17:21 16 May 2008

I have a Toshiba but have also previously owned a Lenovo and a HP, all have been reliable and worked well.
All modern laptops will surf the internet, email, download itunes and music.
Get the biggest hard drive that you can afford, and if it has Vista as the operating system get an absolute minimum of 1Gb RAM and preferably 2Gb.
You may need to buy some word processing software if docs are involved, some laptops come with Microsoft Works which is adequate but I prefer Open Office click here which is a free download.
Load some good AntiVirus and Spyware software before doing any serious internet surfing. AVG 8 click here is free and highly recommended.
Watching DVDs is easier on a 17" screen but these machines are heavier and have a shorter battery life.
Go into PC World or similar shop, get your daugher to try them out and then get the best price over the internet, take the details to PCWorld and ask them to match the price, that way you will get local service if you have a problem. Personally I never take put the optional insurance as I believe that if it is going to go wrong it will do so in the first year and if I drop it it will be covered on my home insurance.
Good luck.

  rawprawn 17:29 16 May 2008

It's a very subjective question, I have a Sony Vaio with no complaints whatsoever, but I am certain that anyone who has owned any "XXX Laptop" with no problems would endorse it.
Perhaps the best way would be to buy a PC Advisor Magazine and look at their "Best Buy" Laptops. At least they will have tested them all.

  chub_tor 17:35 16 May 2008

You could also look at click here it is a US site but covers all the major makes and gives some handy tips on selection.

  Earthsea 21:50 16 May 2008

to the left of this thread, which will take you to click here

  wee eddie 09:20 17 May 2008

but I noticed that you said "Word Docs"

If she is still a Student M$ do some Brilliant Student Deals (roughly a 75% Discount) on MS Office. or she could use Open Office which is free.

Visit PCW with her, Not necessarily thew cheapest deal but she can have a try with the machines on Display and her comments may give you an idea of what she wants. For example: She may say that all the Black ones look a bit dull and there are no, or very few coloured ones, available.

On the Net that are a vast range of different coloured cases.

That 2GB of RAM is really important.

All manufacturers, so far mentioned, are spot on. Also if you have an Aldi nearby, their Medion Offers are very good value.

I have an Advent, uninspiring, not top spec, even when it was bought, got a 50% discount because it was an ex-Display Model with a scratch on the Case. Totally reliable.

  Gongoozler 10:36 17 May 2008

For the basic jobs you have described there's no need to spend a lot of money. An Acer Aspire such as this click here would be adequate. The battery life is usually the main thing to suffer on a cheap laptop, but if its normally run from the mains, that's not really important. The other thing to look out for on the cheapest models is that they come with Vista Home Basic, so if you want Home Premium you will have to spend a bit more, and then you might also want to add more memory.

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