Which antivirus suitable for company use

  praba82 09:14 25 Sep 2008

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for antivirus for my company. We have around 100s workstation in company. Can u all recommend me which antivirus is good in market for small medium business use?

Thank you

  oldbeefer2 10:20 25 Sep 2008

My company has a similar number and has used Avast since the start (2 years) with no problems.

  provider 2 16:17 25 Sep 2008
  Pineman100 17:49 25 Sep 2008

Sophos are widely respected for business use. click here

  praba82 02:27 26 Sep 2008


thanks for ur reply.

what do u think about trend micro n kaspersky antivirus? how the response for these antivirus in market?

  Pineman100 09:18 26 Sep 2008

I've no experience of Trend Micro.

I run Kaspersky myself. I've no reason to doubt the efficacy of the software, but my experience of their technical support has been extremely disappointing.

  Pineman100 09:18 26 Sep 2008

I should add that I'm a private individual, not a business.

  spuds 09:28 26 Sep 2008

Like all anti-virus and security protection, the reliability depends on the updates, whether manual or automatic.

A Google review search should provide most answers and ratings depending on which website is selected, they will differ slightly on reviewer methods and criteria.

I have used Avast and AVG, and 'tested' one or two others, but Avast covers all my needs, and as done for a long time.

Possibly Trend and Kaspersky was at one time classed as the 'professional business' products, but I now notice that PC World are selling Kaspersky as a recommendation!.

  johnincrete 16:50 26 Sep 2008

I had Kaspersky & it let in malware that needed a complete format of the hard drive & re-installation of all software. The activication code failed and five - yes FIVE - requests for help have gone unanswered. I've wasted the purchase price & have now gone to PC Tools

  Pineman100 18:05 26 Sep 2008

Sounds as though we've had similar "support" problems.

  DieSse 00:40 27 Sep 2008

Eset provide NOD32 on company rates - and specialised versions for Exchange servers and Lan servers.

As an AV NOD32 is unmatched for thoroughness small overheads and speed - particularly good if you have older, less capable systems in the network.

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