Which anti-virus solution are you all using?

  LastChip 19:20 10 Oct 2012

Many of the regulars here will know I am a huge Linux fan and hence have strayed away from Windows world for a number of years. So one could say, I'm out of touch!

However, my son's girlfriend has just bought a Windows 7 laptop for University and has asked me to install anti-virus software for her. Needless to say, as a student she's broke and so I need a free option.

So my question is, what are you all using now, that has a reasonable footprint (i.e. not a huge performance hit and bloated) and you find generally effective?

  james55 21:14 11 Oct 2012

I have used Microsoft Security Essentials for a few years and have installed it recently on a W7 Laptop & Desktop with no problems.

  LastChip 03:52 12 Oct 2012

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.

Although I haven't gone through and listed each post (though I have read all your contributions), Avast seems to have the greatest following, but each one probably has it's own merits.

It seems whenever professional tests are applied, what one finds, another misses, so there's probably no right or wrong answer.

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