[DELETED] 22:07 26 Jul 2003

Just interested to find out which anti virus software is recommended. I have heard some programs although effective may affect system performance dramatically. I know protection is the main issue but would be intersted to get the thoughts of others.

  graham√ 22:16 26 Jul 2003

AVG is popular on here. It will slow you down a bit whilst it is doing a scheduled scan, but you can stop or suspend it if necessary.

  [DELETED] 22:16 26 Jul 2003

click here - Trend Micro (Pay)

click here - Panda Antivirus (Pay)

click here -Avast 32(Free)

click here - Rav(Free and Pay)

click here - Norton Antivirus 2003(Pay)

click here - Kapersky (Pay)

click here - F-secure (?)

click here - AVG 6.0 (Free)

  [DELETED] 22:19 26 Jul 2003

click here AntiVir

click here AVG

click here Avast Free

  bremner 22:33 26 Jul 2003

If protection is the main issue then forget AVG and pay for something like NAV

  [DELETED] 22:44 26 Jul 2003


click here


click here

  [DELETED] 22:47 26 Jul 2003

And the one with the best detection record and lowest system overhead click here

See click here

  [DELETED] 22:48 26 Jul 2003

DieSie's favourite click here

This does the best in tests using in the wild viruses.

Pertsonally I'm with click here

  [DELETED] 22:48 26 Jul 2003

There are many, Panda reckons it runs without using CPU power and slowing.

  [DELETED] 22:48 26 Jul 2003


  [DELETED] 23:04 26 Jul 2003

I used to use Norton, but it missed a virus which I subsequently (unkowingly) emailed to my work. I was not too popular and as our IT department use Sophos (which did detect the virus), I now use Sophos, but it is paid for by work. It is probably too expensive for many home users.

The Sophos intercheck monitor does not cause too much of an overhead (it works by quickly looking at file checksums as they are opened, if they are different from what they should be, it then does an actual virus check on the file). You can do a manual "normal" virus check on anything if you want. But to do a full hard disc scan (about 100,000 files for me) takes about 20-30 min.


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