Which amp fuses please?

  Effie 00:29 31 Jan 2005

Hi, does anyone know what amp fuse you should be using with computers and monitors?

Currently I have a monitor whose power lead has a 13amp fuse on it but which uses only 120 watts of electricity. The computer on thr other hand consumes 350 watts and has a 5 amp on its power lead.

Both of them are currently running through an extension block which has a 13 amp fuse on it.

ideas anyone??

  Kev.Ifty 00:35 31 Jan 2005

3 amp fuses should be ok.

click here


  Night Ryder 00:46 31 Jan 2005

The fuses in the plus sould be rated to the type of mains cable used. Generaly this is 13A or 5A. The computer and the monitor will have their own internal correctly rated fuses.

The fuse in a plug is to protect the cable. The correctly rated internal fuses will be fitted inside any electical/electronic device to protect the device.

  Night Ryder 00:48 31 Jan 2005

A three amp fuse is not suitable for the monitor because the surge current when switched on is in excess of 3Amps.

  Night Ryder 00:50 31 Jan 2005

You will generaly find a 3.15Amp anti-surge fuse inside the monitor.

  whatchamacallit 01:28 31 Jan 2005


Thank you.

That is a great link,

I would like to keep this thread open for a while.

I would like to see this bump a few times, it could save someones life.

Thanks again Kev.Ifty for a great link.

  Robotic_Rob 01:36 31 Jan 2005

Id personally stick a 3Amp fuse in and see if your machine boots up properly. If it doesnt work then try a 3.15Amp fuse. And then if it doesnt work then try a 3.15Amp anti-surge fuse.

  whatchamacallit 01:41 31 Jan 2005

Night Ryder

Thanks for your input too.

I found my Monitor manual, in the spec I found this.

Operating Voltage ~ 100 bis 240 V

Normal Current max. 2.5 A

Power Consumpton max. 120 Watt

Thank again

  ashdav 01:51 31 Jan 2005

I totally agree with Night Ryder. Fuses are used to protect cables to prevent damage in the event of excess current (ie.excess as far as the cable is concerned). As far as I know you cannot get anti-surge or 3.15A fuses for plug tops. If you use 5A fuses in the plugs connected to any of your computer equipment then this will afford you adequate protection. The reason your monitor needs an apparently over rated fuse is because the degaussing coils initially take a large current which quickly falls to a matter of a few milliamps.

  Graham ® 09:15 31 Jan 2005

A 3amp fuse will protect the cable better than a 13 amp fuse!

Bear in mind a fuse will normally 'blow' at twice its rating, so a normal 3 amp fuse will blow at 6 amps.

  Effie 15:26 31 Jan 2005

Ashdaw, are you saying that a 5amp fuse is sufficient for all computer equipment?

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