Which AMD should I go for.

  Derek 08:21 08 Aug 2004

I have an ASUS A7N8X with an Athlon XP 2000+ 1.67Gh. (Supports 333MHz FSB).
I'm putting together a second spare PC using a new ELITE K7S5A motherboard.(Supports 200/266 MHz FSB)
My intention is to move the Asus Athlon 2000+ into the Elite MB and upgrade my 'best' ASUS machine by buying a new Athlon.

But what to buy ? I purchase these things so infrequently and the changes in specifications are confusing to the average PC builder.

I'm not a gamer but do a lot of publishing.
Would a target of £50 be about right just for the CPU since I have plenty of fans and sinks.

Many thanks for your interest and kind regards DM.

  georgemac 09:22 08 Aug 2004

for £50 you are looking at about an xp2500.

click here is a list of all cpu's supported by your motherboard, depending on the rev number of the board (usually a sticker on the board or some text on the board tells you this) and the bios version you have.

an xp2800 would cost around £80 and an xp3200 400 mhz fsb if your board could take it (rev 1.04) £125.

  goonerbill © ® 09:45 08 Aug 2004

any CPU with the barton core would be you best bet, all have FSB 333(166)mhz apart from 3200+ barton which has FSB 400(200)mhz. heres link to site that has the latest prices on all athlon xp CPU's click here

watch out for thoroughbreed, give them a miss.

  GRFT 09:55 08 Aug 2004

I've just installed an XP2500+, Barton core, OEM, in my Asus A7V8X. iT COST JUST OVER £53 from Ebuyer. I've overclocked it slightly, 12.5 X 166.6 = 2.081 gHz, which is about the quivalent of an XP 2800+, and it's running quite happily at 47 degrees.

  georgemac 09:56 08 Aug 2004

I to am thinking of upgrading my cpu soon from my xp2000, why do you say avoid the thoroughbred chips?

is it because they have less secondary cache?

temperaturre is always also an issue for me - does the barton run cooler than the thoroughbred?

I am looking at xp2800/3000 is an asus a7v333 rev 2.0 board.

  goonerbill © ® 13:43 08 Aug 2004

the barton cpu's are faster and have more on chip cache. the 2500+ barton out performs the 2600+ thoroughbred even though the 2600+ thoroughbred has a faster clock speed.

heres a link to you mobo and with a bios update if your board is 1.06 or earlier you can actually install the 3200 + if you wish.

click here

look at my earlier link for best prices on cpu's.

would also invest in a good heatsink and fan if temps are an issue as you say and some good case fans.

  goonerbill © ® 13:50 08 Aug 2004

i have this board which is the latest version of yours click here and they both have ASUS Q-Fan technology which lets the mobo choose what speed the fans run at and have found it quite good at keeping the temps constant even if i'm only browsing the web or playing top end games on my pc.

you inable the feature in the bios if its not already turned on.

  Totally-braindead 13:50 08 Aug 2004

I would buy the 2500+ Barton retail pack, should be able to get it for about £55. The reason I suggest the retail version is the heatsink and fan which come with it are really heavy duty. I couldn't believe the substantial heatsink it came with when I opened the box and its a good processor for the money.

  carver 14:07 08 Aug 2004

If you can get hold of a Barton 2500 OEM version you will find that some of them will overclock to 3200 without any problems in your BOIS setup. So you get a £120 CPU for £50 and you will not suffer any heat problems, mine runs at 45c with a decent cooler and Artic Silver paste.

  Rob_E 15:06 08 Aug 2004

I agree with the above, overclock a 2500 barton.

I've got an A7N8X-E board, bought the 2500+ barton retail, raised the FSB to 200 (400)mhz so system reports it as 3200 (had to raise the vcore to 1.725 for stability). My board lets you lock the AGP bus so raising the FSB didn't cause any probs. Installed PC3200 memory as well.

The heatsink and fan that came with it cool it just as well as the zalman 'flower' cooler that i've got, and the fan is quieter than the zalman one, (I cleaned off the thermal pad and used arctic silver)

Runs at 45c idle, and 50c under load (seti running all the time) which is well within the specs for these processors.

  Derek 19:31 08 Aug 2004

Many thanks to all of you, your contributions have completely solved my problem of inexperience. I'll go for the 2500+ Barton Retail pack at about £55. I will have to download and upgrade the Bios but that appears to be reasonably straight forward.

Many thanks again to you all DM

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