Which AMD if 64 bit isn't essential

  xania 18:44 03 Dec 2005

I currently have a PC with AMD 2400+ 2.0 Ghz CPU and am looking to upgrade to somewhere about 3.2. My new mobo will include PCI-Express and SATA, and I'll probably retain my existing 1 GB of 2700 DDR. My problem is the processor. I want AMD, but which one. I've seem so many differnt types, and I'm looking for a way to run some personal comparisons between Althon 64, 64 FX, 64 MP and XP. Yes, I know that they all support the new 64 bit architecture that will come out sometime (apart from the XP), but as 64 bit does not excite me, I need to be sure that I'm getting the best value for money overall for my needs.

  007al 19:57 03 Dec 2005

how much are you willing to spend?

  Joe R 19:58 03 Dec 2005


First I would say that socket 939, seems to be the way forward now, for AMD cpu's.

This board will not run Xp cpu's and runs 64bit only. It runs though almost the full gauntlet of 64bit cpu's from 2800x to the new x2 dual, and flagship Fx range.

There is also a plethora of mobo's to suit all pockets, and almost all have the Sata and Pci-e.
The equivalent 64bit cpu, will also run 32bit architecture at a faster rate, than the Xp models.

I am of the opinion, that going this route, and by choosing a mobo' which will accommodate any forseeable upgrades, you will be able to step up gradually, as and when you feel.

This is only my humble opinion, and is also the route, I myself have taken.

  lester1 22:45 03 Dec 2005

You could ask here click here

  xania 14:03 04 Dec 2005

007al - prefer not to spend more than about £60 on the CPU, but its more a matter of vlaue for money. Ovbiously, the more you pay, the more you get, but do I need it - that's why I'm looking for some decent comparisons.

Joe R - I think I go along with your thinnking and click here seems to berar this out. However, I think that 939 is much more than I need - I don't really want as much as 3.5 - I think 3.2 is more than adequate for me. Also, I'm still not clear between the various Athlon 64 varieties (basic, FX, MP). I have seen somewhere that the 64 group as a whole run cooler, so less power wastage a less noise from the fan, so the XP is probably out of the running, but I'm still not clear between the various Athlon 64 varieties (basic, FX, MP).

Lester1 - thanks for the link. I'll give it a whirl.

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