Which ADSL wireless router/modem? Views please

  Ironman556 20:12 22 Oct 2003

Hi, I've been looking into upgrading to BB my question about what I need (click here) has prompted me to look at all in one ADSL modem/wireless router.

I want to be able to connect 2 PC's to BB either simultaniously or one at a time (without the other being on), one on Win XP, the other Win 98SE (wirelessly). (The main objective is to get the connection shared, not specifically to transfer files etc. between PC's)

I have whittled the choices down to D-link DSL 604 click here


the Netgear DG824M click here

Does anyone use either, and if so could you please tell me what you think.

The Netgear seems the better of the two, with firewall included. The only reason I have to doubt it for my purpose is that 1. I want to be able to use ICQ and MSN Messenger, and 2. on the ebuyer site there is *one* post that says it doesn't work with AMD/ASUS config (which I typically have), but there is always one exception. I have emailed Netgear about ASUS/AMD problems, but not had a reply.

I know at the end of the day it's up to me, and I don't mind spending a bit more on the Netgear to get better quality, but any comments you have will be very much appreciated.


  byfordr 08:15 23 Oct 2003

I use a netgear 824m. With it you've got the option of either connecting wirelessly or using wires. One of my friend uses it with a evesham computer with a amd processor and I believe a asus motherboard. He's not had any problems.

Theres a review on click here

also info on:-

click here

for review

click here

for upgrading firmware on 824m

There is a firewall but you can set up port forwarding.

click here

If you can hang around this netgear beastie is the one I'd go for

click here type netgear in search, its the story from Thursday 2nd October 2003


click here=

Double firewall, excellent range etc. Looks the mutts nutts.

Also upgrade the firmware if you do go for the 824m. A couple of niggly little bugs are sorted out. The 3rd link has a handy guide. Very easy as long as you upgrade in order.



  Ironman556 01:08 24 Oct 2003

Thanks I've had a look at the WGT624, unfortunately it's not got a modem in, and with a separate modem and filters it's going a bit out of my price range. Also the 54Mbps wireless would be nice, but I don't think it'd get used any more than the 11Mbps version. (The main point of being wireless for me is to split the net connection and send it downstairs to another PC)

Thanks for the info on the 842m, I've seen the reviews on ADSL guide, which is where I chose the two I've been looking at. the Netgeard's looking goo so far.

  Ironman556 00:52 25 Oct 2003

For the weekend before I make a decision on Monday.

Netgear 842m still favourite. Any other opinions?

  Ironman556 21:34 26 Oct 2003

(Have I upset the forum somehow)...?

  mark e 22:08 26 Oct 2003

I have been advised to buy the following items to network my PC's:

1 D link dsl-504 adsl router

1 D link dwl-900ap+ wireless access point

2 D link dwl-520+

1 D link dwl-650+

This would be to network 2 desktops + 1 laptop

I notice on your site you have a,

D-Link DSL-604+ ADSL Modem, Wireless Access Point and 4 port Switch.

Would this mean that I could replace 1 D link dsl-504 adsl router 1 D link dwl-900ap+ wireless access point, with the above item in green? And still use my BT Broadband for the networked pc's.

Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated

Many Thanks


the answer was:

Thank you for your enquiry.

What you state is correct. The only think to bear in mind is that the DSL-604+ has fixed antenna that cannot be removed, whilst the DWL-900AP+ allows you to use D-Link range of booster antenna.

Kind regards,

Sales @ The Nickknows Team
This may be of help? Who knows!!!

Mark E

  Ironman556 23:49 26 Oct 2003

Thanks, I'll take a look at the D-Link items you've poste above. :-)

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