Which Adobe product for creating PDF?

  Bramblerose 09:25 17 Jun 2003

I am either very slow this morning or just having a major blonde day - I want to create some PDF files for distributing and I know I need an Adobe programme but am not sure which one! I need to make the files so that no-one can change them - they just need to be printable - point me in the right direction please?


  OK Computer 09:27 17 Jun 2003

You will need Adobe Acrobat Standard by the sounds of it (its not free like Acrobat Reader unfortunately) click here

  Bramblerose 09:31 17 Jun 2003

Its outrageously expensive!! Think I may have to have a total rethink!
Thanks anyways

  Pesala 09:34 17 Jun 2003

pdfFactoryProfessional can restrict access to your PDF documents. There is a flexible range of settings, ranging from requiring a password to open the document to a document being freely viewable but requiring a password to copy or print anything from the document. The professional version also recognizes bookmark and URL addresses in your original document. If you prefer you can add bookmarks directly into the PDF when it is being created in pdfFactory.

pdfFactory pro CD optional £59.15 each, 2-14 £56.17 each click here

However, you may be thinking of the official Adobe Program: Adobe Acrobat: click here which is considerably more expensive

Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard (Windows)
£ 245.00 ex VAT

  -pops- 09:35 17 Jun 2003

Have a look click here

Bit cheaper and almost as good.

There are some free ones but I find them very fiddly to use.


  OK Computer 10:47 17 Jun 2003

What are the free ones?

  -pops- 11:09 17 Jun 2003

click here

click here

click here

click here

And so on.

I have not used these programs and I am unable to vouch for any of them. I use Jaws pdf (see above) which is quite suitable for my purposes.


  Bramblerose 11:43 17 Jun 2003

Thanks for all the responses - you are a very helpful bunch of people

  -pops- 11:50 17 Jun 2003

You are welcome, glad to help.

Are you going ahead with a pdf creator? If so, let us know which one and how you get on with it - all to help others in the future.


  Pesala 19:13 23 Jun 2003

This is a task that many people want to do, but I haven't seen any recent reviews of PDF software. Here are a few progams that I have tried:

1. PDF995 • Free. Useless on my system. Fonts rendered completey wrongly.

2. JAWS PDF Creator • A bit on the technical side to use for those not familiar with Postscript terminology. Seems to work well and have sufficient options for resolution settings. Doesn't seem to tell you which fonts are embedded - Just "Optimise for portability" or "Optimise for size." £50 + VAT Evaluation version prints watermark on every page. My test document was 250 Kbytes

3. PDF Factory • I have this and use it regularly. Easy to use. £36 + VAT Shareware version prints watermark on the bottom of each page. Select which fonts to embed. My test document 150 Kbytes. Standard version doesn't support bookmarks or hyperlinks.

4. WordPerfect and other Corel Products • Export as PDF option. Limited to these applications. Offers good control over output file size versus quality. My Serif Page Plus test document could not be printed.

  Wak 19:57 23 Jun 2003

Hi, I have used the Free and Easy PDF program from click here quite a few times, and, as it says on the tin, it's FREE and EASY to use.

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