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  gudda96 08:45 08 Mar 2006

Hi There

I am a bit confused, I have to my knowledge, always had Acrobot Reader or Adobe, or both, as I get mixed up with them both.

All I know is that it/they was needed if I wanted to open a PDF file and it always worked.

Whilst trying to undo problems on other matters, I think I may have messed up/deleted Acrobat and I want to start fresh as I need to open a website and I need it sorting.

Is it a windows program that comes with pc or can I install it from the internet.

I still seem to have something in my prog files but there is folder within folder??

  Diodorus Siculus 08:48 08 Mar 2006

Adobe Reader - Download
click here

  Batch 08:56 08 Mar 2006

The above link is for Acrobat Reader is for version 6 (which was quickly superceded and for good reason).

If you are running XP, go for the latest version - 7.

Version 7 isn't compatible with ME. Although version 6 will run on ME, it is a pig and very slow to load (although there is a workaround if you are interested). Personally I'd go for version 5 with ME. You'll occassionaly get a warning about the PDF using capabilities of a later version, but I've just clicked though this without problem)

  Diodorus Siculus 09:24 08 Mar 2006

[quote]The above link is for Acrobat Reader is for version 6[/quote]

Not accurate:

The link I posted will check your operating system and offer you the latest version available for that OS.

If you want a different version, you have to choose the appropriate link.

  Batch 09:29 08 Mar 2006

Apologies - my mistake

  gudda96 09:50 08 Mar 2006


Thanks for that, I have d/l and installed but with a small hiccup.

Hiccup being that a part of installing seemed to freeze although I got the usual warning that it "may take time" it seemed a long time so I did an "End task".

I have taken to p/s if it helps you diagnose and when you reply, you may think of a way of testing Reader on something?

I also forget how to send you attachments??

  Diodorus Siculus 10:20 08 Mar 2006

Go into add/remove programs and see if the program is listed - if so, remove it. There may be more than one instance of it.

If you are on XP / 2k I'd suggest you stay with version 6.01 which can be found here: Acrobat Reader - OldVersion.com
click here

It is not as bloated as version 7 and will open almost all pdf files that you are likely to come across.

[quote]have taken to p/s if it helps you diagnose[/quote] - not sure what that means :-(

  jbaker65 10:39 08 Mar 2006

I have recently started using 'Foxit' as my pdf reader. It is free, very fast and so far I have found no problems. It might be worth a try!

  gudda96 10:52 08 Mar 2006


My thanks for V 6.1, have d/l but hit another snag whilst installing.I have taken a printscreen (which will answer "I dont understand" I was not clear)but forget how I attach for you.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:06 08 Mar 2006

OK - the printscreen can be uploaded to

click here

  gudda96 11:57 08 Mar 2006


have done the attachment but could not see a link to post to you so you can open it?

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