Which 512k adsl provider for home use

  [DELETED] 17:12 22 Dec 2003

I have been researching on adsl guide and have come up with a short list of : Freedom 2 Surf, NDO, Pipex, PLusNet, Zen. Zen sounds good but is expensive, PLusNet seems like a good compromise. Can anyone over any advice, experience, help?

  [DELETED] 17:22 22 Dec 2003

You pays, yer money and you takes yer choice!

Am with Pipex, it is ok. Am happy enought - ecstatic at the speed of adsl

Speed is good, does have a few quirky moments (but don't we all). My only problem with them is that the help desk is only open business hours Monday to Friday. If you have a problem at the weekend you have to wait till Monday.

Oddly enough any problems I have had (not been able to connect, speed, etc) and there have only been three up till now have all been at a weekend. Then even more oddly, by Monday they have cleared up.

Have not used any of the others so cannot comment on them.

I think you will find from your choice that over a period of time they are nearly all on a par with each other. One month one is better, another someone else.

  [DELETED] 17:33 22 Dec 2003

I'm also with Pipex. Very good service and I have had no need to contact their helpdesk. Only down time has been due to BT ADSL network not Pipex. I am heavily into online gaming ( Call of Duty etc) and get a nice low 'ping' rate, so that's proof that the speed of the connection, amongst other things, is consistently good.

From signing up online with Pipex, I was up and running with line activated, modem and filters delivered etc in 5 working days, which I thought was rather good.

  [DELETED] 17:43 22 Dec 2003

I'm with Zen, have been for four weeks now and very pleased. High speed connection and transfer at all times of day and night. They aim to have you up and running in five days or less from placing your order.

Mine took three days. They are a small but profesional company aimed mainly at the large business and small busines home worker. [Office is open 9 to 5] But if my experience is anything to go by you won't need to contact them at all.

Install kit contains modem/filters and CD. Install the software [Two minutes] plug in the modem and your on line ready to go. click here

  [DELETED] 19:37 22 Dec 2003

Have two accounts with Zen and have been very happy with them. When the BT contract expires I'll be moving the 3rd to Zen. You may pay a little bit more but you are getting great service. They also provide you with 1 fixed IP address which is something few others do. They always seem to come up trumps in reviews and tests for customer service and speed.

  [DELETED] 19:44 22 Dec 2003

Pipex here as well,no problems yet,over 12 months now,never had to ring the help desk either ...unlike NTL.
No download cap either,my son plays a lot of americas army online with no complaints so all in all i'm happy here :o)

  [DELETED] 21:16 22 Dec 2003

Zen for over a year...

May change soon though, to 1mb Zen connection or higher for gaming!

  [DELETED] 21:24 22 Dec 2003

I went with BT mainly cos i managed to wrangle 2 months free and a modem out of them for mixing my turn on dates about also got an email addy but didnt want 1 and dont use it.Been ok thus far fast enough for me but it boils down to what you decide in the end.


  [DELETED] 21:38 22 Dec 2003

tech support is a little bad...

But e-mail support is fine, but it is a quick and fast service.

  [DELETED] 00:15 23 Dec 2003

If you're likely to be a heavy user this may not suit you but if not, you could consider the PayGo500 service from Metronet click here

Usage costs start at £11.75 inc VAT which includes your first 200MB and you are charged a quarter of a penny per MB from 201 - 5796 MB. If you reach 5796MB usage is capped and the maximum you pay is £28.19 inc VAT, which is a few pence more than Zen charge.

I pay £13-£14 in a typical month.

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