Which 19inch Monitor

  gill 22:22 13 Apr 2006

Hi all, I know this subject has been aired many times before but having read many of the previous postings,I am still not clear about which monitor best suits my needs.Many different views are dependant upon what they are required for, (gaming, office work etc)I am mainly into Photography and Photoshop so I need a suitable 19" monitor. Your views would be greatly appreciated. I have been eyeing the Iiyama range but still can't decide which one is best suited.
Many thanks in advance.Gill

  The Spires 22:50 13 Apr 2006

It seems the differences between monitors are less now than they were a few years ago. I recently bought the LG Flatron L1915S & I'm delighted with it, the Samsung range seems good too, but Iiyama too have always made first class monitors. You might be best going to PC World and have a look & fiddle with the different monitors.

  Stuartli 23:22 13 Apr 2006

My son has this 19in monitor (F419). Delighted with it but now latest version has been released:

click here

  wjrt 13:35 14 Apr 2006

click here

their opinion

  gill 17:57 14 Apr 2006

Many thanks The Spires,Stuartli and wjrt for your kind help and comments.I will study the reviews and I guess I shall have to make a decision.Thanks again Gill

  Woolwell 19:30 14 Apr 2006

When I was looking around about a month ago I found that PC World had a poor range of 19" monitors on display - quite a few 17". Comet had more.

  Stuartli 19:41 14 Apr 2006

My local Tesco Extra has a massive display of standard TV, LCD/plasma and monitor sets all displaying the same pictures.

Makes it very simple to pick out the best of each type although, to be honest, I'd buy from a specialist rather than a supermarket...:-)

  Totally-braindead 19:42 14 Apr 2006

As far as I'm concerned the view that you get for a monitor is quite subjective, some are darker than others etc etc. I think its best that you do as suggested and go to the likes of PC World, Dixons etc and see what YOU like. I would also see if you can watch a DVD or fast moving game to make sure the response rate is fast enough to stop blur, though I believe as others have said the quality of TFTs has got so good now you would be struggling I think to find a really poor one. By all means have a look at reviews but try and see what you are getting before you buy.

PCAs top 5 are rather good Philips 180X6FB, Acer AL1915A, Sharp ll-193G and Nec LCD1970GX. You may notice theres only 4 thats because no5 is over £500, its not solid gold or anything but its 20 inch with a built in TV tuner. Have a good look about for prices as they can vary enormously, I would look at Comet, PC World perhaps, Scan, Aria, Novatech and Amazon.

  hssutton 20:15 14 Apr 2006

Have just been into PC world, my impression of the monitors on display is rather abysmal. Mind you I am comparing these monitors with my new Formac 20". Which I can only discribe as Stunning. I use the formac solely for Photoshop use.

If the price is not to high consider the 19" click here

  gill 20:48 14 Apr 2006

Thanks for all the suggestions.I think you are right about looking at monitors that are set up and running but I must say ,I agree with you about the display in PC World.Abysmal is the word for it. I did look in Comet but they only had three Acer monitors on their shelf and no details where displayed and they weren't turned on.It's hard to find a place where the monitors can be viewed.I will look at the Formac if I can find a place that display them. Thanks for all your help.Gill

  GaT7 21:00 14 Apr 2006

Go for the biggest & best you can afford. You may think an inch or two doesn't make a difference, but (apparently) it does!

Many 20" models have a native resolution of 1600x1200 (for 19" ones it's usually 1280x1024), which gives more screen area & finer detail. 1280x1024 could be good enough & you may even prefer it over 1600x1200 - so it may come down to personal preference.

20"+ monitors at eBuyer click here.

Consider the Samsung 970P, which received a good review at Tomshardware - see wjrt's link. The cheapest I could find at £315.50 delivered click here. The Formacs appear excellent too click here.

If you're considering an Iiyama that's fine too - they make some of the best monitors but they are not the cheapest. Good luck with final choice & purchase : ) G

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