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Which 17 inch laptop please ?

  Furkin 06:10 07 Jul 2017

Hi all,

I'm considering getting a budget 17+" laptop.

My main machine will still be the desk top.

Asus do a couple (X751, X751S, X751 vivo), Acer do one with pentium cpu etc. I'd rather not go with HP due to previous problems.

I'd appreciate some comparisons of what's available, at similar prices, along with peoples experiences.

A couple of reviews say the x751's are a bit slow, but don't know what they were running on them.

I'm not a gamer.

thanks in advance


  Furkin 09:48 12 Jul 2017


  wee eddie 10:13 12 Jul 2017

Google is your friend

  lotvic 11:44 12 Jul 2017

PCA's Budget laptop Reviews click here

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