Wheres the "period" key, on the keyboard?

  powerless 18:01 21 Jan 2003
  powerless 18:01 21 Jan 2003

As above.

  graham 18:02 21 Jan 2003

Full stop (.)

  powerless 18:03 21 Jan 2003

20 seconds for a reply Amazing.

  Rtus 18:04 21 Jan 2003

above ALT GR key .. unless weve miss-understood?

  powerless 18:11 21 Jan 2003

Stood correctly.

I just listened to an AOL Tech support thingemaboo...(it was a radio spoof)

They told one of the listeners to enter the following command at the MS-DOS prompt...

C:\Windows\deltree (thats all, if i thpe the rest we'll have a disater on MY hands, the "period" key was mentioned)

I just didnt know what it was.


  colberly 18:13 21 Jan 2003

Is the US term for a full stop.

  Rtus 18:16 21 Jan 2003

An there was me thinkin it were a prize for quickest type thing...I still lost..LOL

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