Where's my pictures gone

  TAMPICO 12:16 08 Nov 2004

I put some photos on a cd last year, now when I try to retrieve them their not there. I used to be able to. When I go to properties, windows report there is just 1.3megabytes, even though the cd is half full

  stlucia 12:26 08 Nov 2004

Are you trying to retrieve them using Windows Explorer, or the original photo editing software?

If Explorer can't see the files at all, it's possible that your CD has degraded with age. You could try a file recovery program, such as click here

  Gongoozler 12:31 08 Nov 2004

There are several CD file recovery tools, this one is free click here, but I've not used it, so I can't vouch for it's safety or performance. I suggest that you wait for some other responses before you try it. For the future, I recommend that you always keep 2 copies of important files such as photos, so if one gets damaged you have the other as backup. Also only use good quality disks. Some of the cheap ones don't have a protective laquer backing so the metal layer can oxidise. I find Memorex very good and they are available at remmarkably low prices click here and click here

  stlucia 13:03 08 Nov 2004

I've used PCInspector to recover files off an "erased" camera memory card. It worked just fine for me, recovering all the photos I wanted, plus a lot more that had been erased a couple of times. It's free, but it, and any other recovery software, might not be so successful if the CD is damaged.

  Jdoki 13:32 08 Nov 2004

I don't suppose you have changed your CD/DVD drive since you last looked at the CD contents?

Some drives are very picky about what media they read (especially CDR and DVD-R/+R). I backed up my hard drive to CD's, built a new system (with a new DVD drive) and it refuses to read some of the disks. Very frustrating!

Also... rule of thumb : If can see through the CD when holding it near a lightsource - chances are it's not very good quality!

  jack 14:14 08 Nov 2004

Try also CDX Rescue on recent PCA cover disk
or down load from click here

Burned Cd's it is being discovered are not at all stable and can/will degrade.

When A CD is 'burned' it no so much burns as simply changes the colour of the dye in the track on the coating. It is this colour change that reverts overtime due to UV/Humidity/poor manufacture What have you.

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