Where's my in box?

  Foxy Loxy 07:16 18 Jun 2006

Last night I was going through my boxes in Outlook Express and my entire in box seems to have disappeared. I am not aware of anything unusual I did to cause it but, of course, I may have done something accidentally. INBOX has now appeared again but only with new e-mails coming in since the time when all the earlier ones vanished. I've checked everything I can think of - they don't seem to have been accidentally deleted for example. One thing I notice is that the INBOX icon in the left hand margin is missing. Can anyone please explain this mystery and show me how to retrieve these e-mails?

  Andsome 08:44 18 Jun 2006

You don't say what O/S you use. Can you use System Restore?

  Noldi 09:01 18 Jun 2006

Is your inbox folder in View - Folder List?
If is you can drag the Icon back into Shortcuts.


  Foxy Loxy 09:28 18 Jun 2006

It is Windows ME, Andsome. If system restore is possible, can you explain how I could use it please?

No, Noldi, or not that I can see. I did try that first. The "new" inbox is in the list that has been receiving e-mails since the old one seems to have disappeared.

Thanks for trying to retrieve this for me.

  VoG II 09:32 18 Jun 2006

Do a search for *.dbx

  Foxy Loxy 11:44 18 Jun 2006

Done the search VoG, I have two items 1)msoe.dll - When I click on this I get in Folder C:\program files\OutlookExpress 2)oemig50.exe - When I click on this I get the message that the file is "linked to missing export ADVAP132.DLL:Reg0verridePredefKey Can you help me on from here please?

  VoG II 11:52 18 Jun 2006

Try this click here

  Fellsider 12:19 18 Jun 2006

Have any of your other folders got a + next to them?

I have, on a number of occasions accidentally dragged a folder over another and therefore made it a sub-folder of the other.

If that is the case you can re-drag it to the 'Local Folders' and it will be reinstated.

  Foxy Loxy 13:28 18 Jun 2006

No + sign, Fellsider. That was one of first things I tried because I have also accidentally dragged into a sub-folder before. Still, thanks for the suggestion.

VoG: Have done the obvious current view check suggested. I don't think I got a "Welcome to OE" message which suggests it's damaged rather than deleted but I still can't find it to follow the rest of the instructions.
I wonder if I have, somehow, asked it to delete the whole of INBOX rather than, say, just one e-mail? Whatever, I've done, I need to find it first. I'd be grateful if anyone knows.

  Andsome 16:30 18 Jun 2006

I have never used ME, but I know that System Restore is possible. Look in Start/programs/Accessories/System tools/System restore. That's where it is in XP.

  Foxy Loxy 17:55 18 Jun 2006

Thanks AndSome. I found it just where you said and tried a time yesterday afternoon before it happened. It went through the process but I still only have the inbox with the later e-mails. So I tried again with an earlier time in the morning, made sure it rebooted but still no joy. Does it sound as if I did it OK?

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