Where's my boot.ini file?

  stlucia 08:42 26 Oct 2008

I've just got myself a new HP PC with Windows Vista installed. Since that seemed to be incompatible with ANY of my old software and hardware that I tried to install, I installed my old Windows XP instead. It wasn't quite straightforward because everytime the installation got to the point it wanted to reboot the PC, after it rebooted the installation program restarted from scratch again.

I solved the problem by formatting the C:\ drive first to get rid of Windows Vista completely, and then installing Windows XP.

Anyway, one minor issue remains: Whenever I boot up I get an HP blue intro screen with 4 options, followed after about 10 seconds by the usual Windows dual-boot menu inviting me to select either Windows XP or Windows XP. I'm familiar with editing the boot.ini file to eliminate this menu, but I can't find a boot.ini file !! Can anyone help, please?

  howard64 09:03 26 Oct 2008

have you looked in msconfig?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:05 26 Oct 2008

will be in the root directory of your system drive (C:\)

  stlucia 09:07 26 Oct 2008

Thanks, howard64. That's it. I was searching for it using Windows Explorer.

  stlucia 11:12 26 Oct 2008

Using msconfig I can read the boot.ini information, but I can't find any way to edit it.

Using Windows Explorer (or My Computer) Search option and checking the boxes to search hidden files, system files, and subdirectories, I can find no boot.ini file in any folder.

I'm wondering if my C:\ root directory is locked somehow, for when I browse my computer there's no files in it, only folders.

Any ideas, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:29 26 Oct 2008

do you have more than 1 partition?
hve you install xp to a different partition ie D:\

  stlucia 11:40 26 Oct 2008

Yes, it's a 500Gb disk and I created a D:\ partition when I was initially trying to install XP as a dual-boot -- before I gave up and formatted Vista off my C:\ drive. But XP is definately in C:\WINDOWS.

Apart from folders that I've created for files restored from my external backup, and a DATA and DATA.001 folder (which both seem empty), there's nothing on the D:\ drive.

There's also an I:\ drive named FACTORY_IMAGE which I haven't touched.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 26 Oct 2008

in msconfig - boot.ini tab - click check all boot paths

  stlucia 17:40 26 Oct 2008

OK that's sorted it, thanks. When I clicked on check all boot paths it reported that there's a reference to a non-existent operating system, and gave me the option to remove it from boot.ini.

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