Wheres my address bar gone

  Chippo 11:43 28 Dec 2003

The address bar has gone from top of my explorer screen. How can I get it back. Ive tried :

but nothing happens


  johnnyrocker 11:45 28 Dec 2003

have you any of the icons at the top? if not try f11 if you have got the icons right click the area at the top and make sure address bar is ticked.


  Chippo 11:51 28 Dec 2003

yeah got icons. still not got an address bar though

  Chippo 11:52 28 Dec 2003

address bar has got tick next to it as well.

  Derek 11:53 28 Dec 2003

View/Toolbars/Address Bar

If not, put the Win disc in and star a 'repair'

  Derek 11:54 28 Dec 2003

Sorry, should have said.... Start.

  christmascracker 11:56 28 Dec 2003

try unlocking the toolbars and dragging where the dotted lines are as it may be hidden

  Chippo 11:59 28 Dec 2003

what dotted lines?

  christmascracker 12:08 28 Dec 2003

Right click the tool bar and untick "lock the toolbars" you should then see dotted lines separating the various sections

  Chippo 12:13 28 Dec 2003

Thanks mate. Happy new year to you all.

  christmascracker 12:17 28 Dec 2003

Have you got it back?

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