Where's me HDD ?

  yogibear 21:10 11 Sep 2004

I have just reinstalled a slave HDD on my PC and it appears to have gone AWOL !

It shows in the BIOS, it shows in Control Panel, it shows in System Information. The only place it doesn't show is in My Computer. Is there any way I can get it to appear there so I can get to it and format it?

Although it is a 60GB HDD it only shows as a 31.49 GB, does this mean the disc is partitioned?

  Gongoozler 21:22 11 Sep 2004

Hi yogibear. What version of Windows and what motherboard?

  Night Ryder 21:24 11 Sep 2004

Only 31.49 GB. There is a link on the drive that limits the capasity to 32 GB. Make sure you have set the correct link for a slave drive.

The drive will have to be prepared before the system will recognize it.

I'll explain but first what PO system are you using?

  Night Ryder 22:43 11 Sep 2004

That should read OP system.

  yogibear 23:06 11 Sep 2004

I am running XP Pro and my mobo is a P4 Titan series GA-8SIMLH-P(-P-C)

  Night Ryder 19:19 12 Sep 2004

Firstly, be sure you have set the correct jumper on the drive for a slave. Once this is correct you should see the correct capacity reported during BIOS.

When windows has finished loading, right click on the "My Computer" icon and select manage. In the box that appears click on "Disk Management". At this point the system will recognise that there is a new, unprepared drive attached and ask you what you wish to do. Just follow the instruction. You will first have to partition the drive, once finished you will then have to format it. I recomend you format the drive with the NTFS file system.

After all complete you should be able to access the drive in the usual way.

  yogibear 14:35 03 Oct 2004

Decided the simple way was to buy a neww HDD so I bought a Maxtor 200 GB. Seems to have done the trick...up to press.

Thanks all.

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