where's the Draw Tool in Net objects?

  mco 15:09 27 Oct 2005

I want to have different shapes around my text, like an oval for instance. I can see where the rectangle is and can have text in that no probs but when I looked in the Help section, it says for other shapes you draw them with the Draw tool from the standard toolbar in Page View. Well - er - where is it? Obviously staring me in the face, I know!, but someone please put me out of my misery as I'm fed up with rectangles! I have NOF 7 btw.

  mco 15:10 27 Oct 2005

So keen was I to post in the new-look forum I posted it in the wrong ares - will hop over to webdesign now; apologies FE

  mco 15:25 27 Oct 2005

Having problems posting this in webdesign; maybe someone observant in PCA can move it over for me?

  Lotte 15:44 27 Oct 2005

Hold down left mouse button on draw - you'll get a flyout.
Took me a while to find that!!

  mco 15:46 27 Oct 2005

I meant, sorry, where IS the draw option?

  Lotte 16:05 27 Oct 2005

In NOF7 it's the white rectangle on the standard toolbar.

  mco 16:56 27 Oct 2005

I've seen that but I could only get it to do a rectangle (hence my question) but now I hold down the left mouse button I can do it thanks!

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