Where/ What DVD Writer for a Dell Dimension PC?

  wyrdu9 02:43 05 Nov 2005

I Have a Dell Dimension 1100 Desktop PC that I stupidly purchased without a DVD writer. I did purchase separate DVD ROM and CD R/W drives. I require a compatible DVD writer that will replace the current DVD ROM drive. I have attempted to use the DELL website to source an upgrade without any success , I was also told that I would need to ensure that the replacement drive would fit the space vacated by the DVD ROM drive! I obviously require assistance as buying a PC without a DVD writer was a bit of a Boo Boo! Any assistance or recommendations will help me greatly ! Cheers!

  Gongoozler 07:53 05 Nov 2005

I would be very surprised if the Dell Dimension 1100 uses a non-standard drive. The only problem you might have is if the front panel is a Dell specific colour. A DVD writer is not very expensive these days, and I think this one would suit your Dell perfectly click here

  jack 08:20 05 Nov 2005

An optical drive any make meets the 5.25 in bay size standard.
Connections should be no problem though you may need another data cable ,this will only be revealed when the machine is opened up and the cabling layout is examined. Dell in common the most other large scale manufacturers tend to make their machines with little leeway for new components- this not to say it cannot be done- but little difficulties may occur.
If you are inexperienced with messing with internals you may be best served then with a USB external device.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:21 05 Nov 2005

The easiest way is to buy an external DVD writer. They are so simple to set up and have the advantage that you can move it to another PC easily.


  Echo1 09:35 05 Nov 2005

I use an external Freecall DVD writer (USB). That does the trick and it's black but is more expensive than an internal writer.

  joseph K 12:32 05 Nov 2005

This time I completely agree with Gandolf. External separates are much better than internal mainly because of the reasons given. Though I did have a LaCie external drive arrive not working lately, but then exactly the same can happen with internal equipment.
It may be a little more expensive, but it's worth it over a period of time. I would strongly recommend LaCie despite my recent experience, their after sales is the best I've exprienced. The retailer (savastor, Watford) didn't bother to even reply to four emails so I won't be buying from them again, even though they have previously been my one place stop shop for hardware peripherals in the past, as well as a reasonable amount of CD-Rs etc. Incidentally I think you can get a laCie external at the present for under seventy quid, it's easy to check with Google as I'm sure you are aware.

  wyrdu9 19:01 06 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone for your speedy replies , I have checked out the internal DVD writer recommended by gongoozler and it looks the biz! and only £30. Which is a good bit cheaper than the externals recommended. Is a BENQ drive a decent make and are they reliable?

  Gongoozler 09:01 08 Nov 2005

Benq is a very reputable company and have been in the business for a long time. I'm usinq a Benq DW1620 and have had no problems at all with it. Fitting a DVD-RW drive is exactly the same as any other CD or DVD drive, and software such as Nero looks after the writing process.

The listing at Ebuyer doesn't say if what they are offering is a retail pack or OEM. If it is OEM, then it won't include cables, fixings or software. If you are replacing an existing drive, the lack of cables and software won't be a problem, and if you already have software such as Nero, then that should look after the writing process as well.

  wyrdu9 22:50 08 Nov 2005

Benq DVD-RW drive ordered due to arrive thurs, E-Buyer describe the BenQ drive as a retail pack, but as you say it is a replacement drive so the cables shouldn't be a problem! Nero 6.6 aquired from a friend so there will be some DVD burning happening soon !!
Thanx for your help!

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